Testimonial 02

Dallas is beyond lovely to work with. When choosing a photographer to work with, Edmonton has no shortage of talent. What is most important is finding a photographer whose style and personality compliments your own, regardless of the type of images you are looking to have taken. Dallas photographs with a softness and kindness about her that makes it so easy to be truly comfortable in front of both her and the camera. She is the kind of person who exudes warmth and sincerity, and who you can immediately trust. I found her to be so genuine, and her presence so calming. She has so much talent and such an eye for detail. She offered direction in a way that was so easy to follow. When Dallas sees beauty in a person, she speaks it. She will shower you with compliments that are sincere, and you'll leave your photo session with her feeling SO good. She showed me a few of the images on her camera screen as we were shooting just to say, "SEE how AMAZING you look?" I've worked with many Edmonton photographers, and Dallas is one of my favourites. She also has a beautiful awareness of light and how to best utilize it in her shots. Boudoir is something that Dallas truly has a talent for because of how at ease she will make you feel. When you meet her, you'll feel like you've met an angel on Earth. At least, that's how I felt upon meeting Dallas. Thank you so much for the stunning boudoir images, Dallas. I can't wait to work together again soon.