Testimonial 01

I chose to book a Violet Hour session because I had recently completed my PhD Candidacy exam, and I didn’t have a party. In my mind, booking a portrait session was a way to celebrate an achievement that consisted of a tremendous amount of work, tears, and joy. Much like my day to day research, these portraits were probably going to be kept pretty private—they were for me.

I was extremely nervous (but excited) as the day approached. I was nervous because I rarely like having my photo taken. I was also nervous because I’ve always viewed myself as this frumpy farm kid. I kept thinking that I should wait until I lost 10 more pounds, had a better haircut etc. I was also worried that my outfits would look bad on me. But, I think my biggest fear was that I would be laughed at and labelled as a poser, or trying to be more glamorous than I could possibly ever be.

Dallas immediately eased any nervousness that I felt. When we met, she instantly said I looked amazing (and referred to me as Beyoncé more than once!). I know Dallas well enough to realize that she wasn’t just being nice…she meant it! The session itself was the most fun I’d had in a long time. I was able to get out by myself and spend it with a genuinely loving and kind person who also just happens to know how to take amazing photographs. I left my session feeling full; I felt joyful, powerful, and confident. I felt a change in myself.

When Dallas shared the first image from our session I was floored. I looked at it and thought “is that really me?” I couldn’t believe what I saw. I wasn’t a frumpy farm kid. But the greatest part for me was after I showed my husband the image and commented that I thought looked really amazing. He turned to me and said, “I’m glad you finally see in yourself what I see in you every day.” It may sound cheesy, but trust me that I am being 100% genuine when I say that Dallas changed my life. Furthermore, I see more than my shape in these images. I see my intelligence, too. Or, as my sister said, "I see your spirit in these images."

I think everyone should book a portrait session. And I think everyone should book a portrait session with Dallas. She is extremely professional, fun, funny, and she knows what the hell she’s doing. But more than that, I think everyone deserves to feel as beautiful and confident as I feel, because we are all truly remarkable. Go ahead and celebrate how remarkable you are! This Violet Hour portrait session was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself."