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I've had the privilege of knowing this supremely elegant woman since I was born. To all those who have met her, Debbie is the epitome of grace and kindness. She embodies class, and my camera adores her as much as I do. Debbie participated in my Special Occasion video project, and was patient enough to endure wind and rain for me during our shoot. I am also very excited to be photographing her again as a mother of the bride at her daughter Mel's wedding this summer. Can't wait!

dans le boudoir with l

This boudoir session with Lia was part of my Special Occasion video project.

Lia is an an actor, model, and overall lovely person. She shines in images both moving and still. It was such a treat to photograph her and have her as part of my project. This series of portraits is a dreamy and laid-back boudoir session for a free-spirited young lady. We shot in the home of my friends, Jordan and Christina, and it had the loveliest natural light. I've always been drawn to a style of boudoir that is brighter and softer, less formal and prescriptive. Most of all, it's important to me to tease out a woman's natural, luminous beauty and true personality, rather than coax her into tropes and poses of traditional boudoir that don't feel true to who she is. In Lia's case, I wanted to show off her effervescent personality and grace. She made it easy.

Lia, I wish you all the best of luck with everything you're dreaming of, and I hope I get to photograph you again someday in the near future!

professional portraits | sam

Earlier this year, I photographed my friend Sam as part of my Special Occasion project.

The theme of this shoot was professional portraits, but it was important to me to do them outside a studio for several reasons. One: I believe lifestyle type images are more modern and appropriate for many career fields than traditional headshots in front of a white backdrop. Yes, of course I happily shoot those types of portraits when a person's line of work dictates it, but if it's not necessary, then thinking outside of the studio "white box" is always a good thing. Lifestyle portraits are also more versatile and can be used across all social media platforms. Two: Sam is a person who is "curious about all the things." She is a passionate traveller, a free spirit, a brilliant writer, a rock climber, and an advocate for open internet access for all. Her career path has always been inspiring, and I wanted to create some portraits for her that showed her as the chic professional she is, but also allowed some of her fun-loving, city girl spirit to shine through. So while I wouldn't ask everyone getting professional portraits to stand in the rain, illuminated only by the flickering light of a convenience store's sign, it seemed perfect for my adventurous friend.

On a personal note, this was a very special evening for me, because in the time Sam and I were out shooting, Brian would receive not one but two amazing job offers at different universities. I returned home from the shoot to find out that after a long period of doubt and curiosity about our future and where we would live next, we now had two wonderful options. For this reason, I consider my shoot with Sam to have been a very lucky one indeed.

maya and matt in toronto

This summer, I photographed my friends Maya and Matt exploring Toronto's Little Portugal/Dufferin Grove neighbourhoods. In addition to being kind and hilarious, M & M are two of the busiest, hardest-working, most inspiring people I know. I was so grateful we managed to find a time when all three of us were in the city in order to meet up! It's always a pleasure to take pictures of Maya,

as I did before

when we both lived in Montreal and it was even more fun to photograph her alongside her partner. Thanks so much for being part of my project, you guys, and thanks to Enoteca Sociale for allowing us to shoot in your beautiful restaurant. 

This shoot was featured in my

Special Occasion video