montreal portrait photography | erik & meghan

It's challenging to begin describing this portrait session, which was by far one of the most special and exhilarating experiences I've been privileged to have as a photographer. For this reason, I'll keep my introduction brief and allow the photos to tell the story. 

A few months ago, Erik contacted me about a portrait session for his girlfriend, Meghan. They had seen the nighttime portrait session I did with Maya and Dave, and Erik wanted to arrange a portrait session as a birthday gift for Meghan. He was also planning a special surprise that would happen during the shoot, and he and I worked carefully together to make sure everything would play out perfectly. 

On her birthday in June, I emailed her and let her know that what her very romantic boyfriend had set up for her, and then earlier this month, we met up for their session. After I finished doing Meghan's makeup, we met up with Erik and Brian at Suite 701, an elegant bar in Old Montreal.

Photo below left by Brian.

Erik had made dinner reservations at Garde Manger, so I grabbed a few quick shots of them before we parted ways for dinner.

We met up after dinner to do part two of their portrait session.

Okay, are you ready for this? 

On a street corner that had a special significance to the two of them, Erik dropped to his knee. He opened a blue satin ring box and proposed to his love!

Here's how it played out:

Erik added another layer of mystery and excitement when he then escorted Meghan to a surprise party at a nearby restaurant. Over 80 family and friends were waiting eagerly for the happy couple. After Meghan's stunning engagement ring was on her finger, they walked over to Café Les Éclusiers and were greeted by their ecstatic loved ones.

Erik and Meghan, where do I begin? I am just so full of joy and excitement for you two. Erik, it was such a pleasure planning this whole sequence of events with you. You've gotta be one of the most romantic men on earth, and I was blown away by the amount of care you put into creating this incomparably special experience for Meghan. Oh, and Meghan, it was such a treat to finally meet and work with you after hearing about you for months. You're such a kind and charismatic person, and it was so awesome to be able to capture your beauty and your love for Erik.

Mazel tov, you two!!!