linda & dan

Linda was the second winner in my Inspire Me portrait session giveaway. Her concept was simple and sweet: a portrait session with her husband, Dan, in their apartment. Linda has a flair for decorating and thought it would be cool to have a record of the time and place, a memory of their first home together. The colour palette was a mix of teak (inspired by some of her favourite furniture), white and yellow with pops of pink, and the vibe was really just a nice, relaxed lifestyle shoot.

Linda and Dan, what a pleasure it was to meet you both and visit your beautiful home. I really enjoyed getting to know you both, and Linda, I hope we can go on a photo walk together soon!

portraits of the logan family in montreal

When Ashley contacted me this past fall about photographing a few moments from her daughter's birthday party, I felt so lucky. It is such a privilege to photograph people, and to be invited to document a milestone moment in their lives. Ashley and I had so much fun during her maternity portraits last fall, and to be asked to photograph the first birthday of that same baby, adorable Abby, well it just warmed my heart.

When I arrived, Ashley, Pat and Abby's beautiful home was all decked out in ladybug themed decor, and one of Pat's gorgeous photos from Abby's first year was displayed right in the centre of the action. You guys, thank you so much for inviting me to mark this big day with you. It's people like you who make me feel like the luckiest of photographers.

commercial photography | jessica & the lincoln apartment bakery

My friend Jessica (who you may recognize as the bride from our most recent styled wedding shoot) recently commissioned me to take some photos for the website of her new business, the Lincoln Apartment Bakery.

Starting this September, Jess will be sharing her coveted baking secrets in a collection of classes where attendees will learn how to make everything from macarons to pavlova.

She and I spent a Sunday morning together, with Jess styling her creations and me snapping away. Surrounded by over a dozen different desserts, this was my version of heaven, and definitely the sweetest photo session I've ever done.

Hopefully I'll see you at one of these delicious classes!

montreal portrait photography | ellen, tushith, dominique & renaat

Kinship. It's what sticks us together, pulls us towards each other and keeps us close throughout the years and the changes they bring. Stronger than blood alone, kinship is the bond that forms when we have an affinity for each other deeper than common interests or shared hobbies. 

Kinship blooms when we become friends with our siblings, and when our friends and lovers become our family.  It's when we elect to take people into our lives as kindred spirits, whether they were born biologically related to us, or adopted into our inner circle by choice.

A short while ago, I had the chance to take photos of my friends Ellen and Tushith. We were also joined by Ellen's sister Dominique and her boyfriend Renaat, who were visiting from Belgium, Ellen's home country. 

Ellen and Tushith have loved each other for over a decade. They met while studying in a country that was native to neither of them, then moved to yet another foreign place for school and work.Throughout the years, they've kept each other company in their adopted cities, and kept in touch long-distance when in their respective homelands. They bring out the best in each other and truly enjoy one another's company. As I often joke with them, when you put an engineer and an architect together, amazing things happen. You should see the high-tech fire pits they construct on camping trips! All kidding aside, the kinship they share really is magical, and inspiring to all those who know them.

Dominique and Renaat arrived in Montreal and brought a whole bunch of Belgian friendliness and style with them. It made me so happy to see Ellen and Dominique together. Spending time with family members who live far away is the absolute best.

Now, photographing someone once is a pleasure, but having the opportunity to capture an additional moment in someone's life is a true honour. How cool is it to be able to mark another year and preserve more memories for people who love each other? For me, this is the best type of portrait session. Ellen and Tush, I had so much fun the last time we worked together. This time was even better, as I got to meet some of your kinfolk!

The sun was bright in Ellen and Tushith's apartment on one of the first days of spring!

Here are Dominique and Renaat.

 And the sisters together!