family portraits | sara, ronan & charlotte

Just before the holidays, I visited and photographed 3/4 of this sweet little family, Sara, Ronan and baby Charlotte, while husband/dad Francisco was at work. Sara arranged this shoot with the intention of keeping it a surprise and giving the portraits as Christmas gifts to Francisco and their families. After realizing that keeping the shoot a secret would be impossible, particularly given Ronan's excitement, she let it slip that portraits had been taken, but kept them hidden until the images were unwrapped over the holidays. I love the idea of giving portraits as gifts, especially when the subjects are this cute.

Photographing families is still new to me, as I've never wanted to force babies or kids into baskets, costumes or stiff poses and at times it seemed like that was the only option โ€” ha! However, as I've slowly started photographing a few families in their homes, with their real personalities allowed to shine through, I'm steadily developing a love of doing family portraits. For me, the key to lovely family shots is just hanging out with parents and kids, having fun, moving around a lot, and not asking them to pose at all.  It works best when parents are as chilled out as Sara and don't put pressure on themselves or their kids to do anything out of the ordinary. Authenticity is far more photogenic than anything staged when it comes to families, I believe.

This shoot was a particularly wonderful experience, as Sara gave me her complete trust and together, the four of us had a great time.

family portraits | burns/buist/perrault

In honour of National Adoption Awareness month, I'm sharing two portrait sessions with the same family this week. Yesterday, shared some portraits of new parents Rozlyn and Kris bringing home their son on Mother's Day weekend. Today, I thought you might like to see how this sweet family is doing a few months later. During October when I was back in Ontario, I photographed baby Reid surrounded by his closest circle of loved ones, the Burns + Buist + Perrault clan. It was a gorgeous day to be outside documenting the love of a growing family. Thank you, all of you, for inviting me to follow your journey!

Here are some thoughts from Reid's family members about how life has changed since his arrival.

"I am proud to be this little boy's granny. We are so happy he came into our lives. Not only are his mum and dad crazy in love with him, but the whole family just loves him to bits and it doesn't hurt that he is so so cute. We wanted these photos to not only capture his cuteness but our love for him as well." - Margaret, grandmother.

"Reid makes our family laugh more and love deeper. Collectively, we have adopted him into our family and fallen head over heels in love with him, and the best part is he has embraced us with just as much love and endless baby giggles." - Jennifer, auntie.

"Reid is the sunshine in our lives. We wanted photographs that captured not only how adorable he is,  but that also captured the bond we share and the immense joy he brings all of us. These pictures serve as a reminder that a family knit together by adoption is a family that is full to the brim with love, kisses and endless hugs." - Rozlyn and Kris, parents.

Wishing the whole family a beautiful future together!

welcome, reid

Earlier this year, on Mother's Day, I excitedly arrived at the home of some of my best friends, Rozlyn and Kris. We were doing a quietly thrilling portrait session to celebrate a monumental event โ€” they had just adopted a sweet baby, their first child. In honour of National Adoption Awareness Month, I thought it would be fun to share two shoots with this lovely family this week. Today I'm sharing baby Reid's arrival and tomorrow I'll post images taken a few months later with Rozlyn's extended family. First up, the new parents wanted a few images taken to commemorate this wonderful day in their lives, and also to share the announcement with family and friends near and far. It was an absolute joy to be able to document one of their first days as a family of three and help them spread the news. Congratulations to my dear friends!

From their official announcement (message and accompanying collage):

"Surprise! We adopted a beautiful baby boy. It is with much love that we welcome Reid."