Just a few weeks after Gina moved to Calgary from Ottawa, she was out for drinks when one of her friends introduced her to a tall and handsome stranger. While her first thought was "damn!" when being introduced to Kevin, he confesses that at the time he thought there was some kind of ruse. Why, he wondered, "would a girl as beautiful, articulate and thoughtful as her want to talk to me?"

As it turns out, the attraction was definitely mutual, and their instant chemistry grew quickly into a strong friendship and love. Together, they love exploring their city, and also taking mini-road trips and talking for hours on end along the way. On one such trip, they drove to out to Kananaskis to go for a short hike and enjoy the beautiful mountain air. Gina was a bit disappointed when the weather suddenly turned stormy, but when she turned around and saw Kevin down on one knee, she decided the rain only added to the drama of the moment and joyfully accepted his proposal.

Gina describes Kevin as witty, intelligent, and a perfect travel partner who would do anything for his family and friends. Kevin loves everything about Gina, but his favourite qualities are her kindness and thoughtfulness, her ability to make new friends, and her drive to succeed in all she does. They are excited to tie the knot next summer and look forward to spending every day together, facing every new challenge and adventure side by side.

It seems only fitting that we returned to their beloved mountains to document this moment in their lives. We drove to Spray Valley Provincial Park and of course, the site of their proposal, Kananaskis Country, for their engagement session. It was my first opportunity to do love portraits in the mountains and it was spectacular. 

Kevin and Gina, I'm so excited for you guys and all that lies ahead. Thank you so much for choosing me!


She was the ring bearer at my wedding, and now her big day has arrived! My darling cousin Elise fell in love with a tall gentleman named Ryan while she was living in London, Ontario for university, and last year they decided to make things official. I can't wait for Ryan to join our family, but most importantly, I can't wait to watch them tie the knot this fall.

On the day of their engagement session, after giving me a tour of their lovely wedding venue, we explored some favourite corners of Oakville and Burlington. During the last part of our shoot, we were suddenly serenaded by a marching band as they began rehearsing in the parking lot where we were. Playing with gusto, the young musicians marched circles around us, flag bearers and baton twirlers leading the way. It was the most hilarious and yet undeniably romantic accompaniment as Elise and Ryan danced in the midday sunshine.

Congratulations to my cousin and her beau. All of us in your family are counting the days until your nuptials!!

vancouver engagement | carolyn & brian

Photographing Carolyn and Brian's engagement was the first chance I've had to document such an occasion for a family member. It was so much fun! Carolyn is my beautiful sister-in-law and Brian is her love. They will be married next summer at a gorgeous venue in Vancouver, and I can't wait to stand up as co-maid of honour and celebrate alongside them.

Carolyn is a remarkably strong, independent and driven person. She had always dreamed of moving back to her birthplace of Vancouver, so when she was recruited by a company and offered a position in Toronto, she asked if they had anything available in British Columbia. As luck would have it, a position was open, and in a flash she packed up her apartment and her new puppy and prepared to move across the country. Around the time that she was setting up her new life, she hit it off with a handsome gentleman she'd met through family friends. They shared a love of hockey, travel and fresh coastal air, and before long, they decided life would be sweeter if they lived under the same roof.

They recently bought a home together and now have two adorable Havanese pups who fill it with cuteness and humour. Over Thanksgiving weekend, they hosted our family, and we excitedly toasted their future. I know it will be filled with adventure and so much love. I can't wait to have a third Brian in my immediate family (father, husband and now brother-in-law!)

During our Thanksgiving visit, we spent the day exploring some of Vancouver's prettiest spots while I took their engagement photos. I love that dreamy, overcast, west coast light. It's so soft and lovely. C & B, congratulations! I am so excited for you and everything that's to come.

guelph university engagement | taryn & andy

When Taryn decided to attend Guelph University, she was following her dream to one day care for animals. During her time at the Ontario Veterinary College, she met a kind and handsome guy who was doing a masters in stem cell biology in the same program. They would pass each other in the hallways, smile and say hello. Occasionally they'd run into each other at parties or when out with mutual friends. At the time though, that was it. They both finished up their degrees, graduated and moved away from Guelph. Several years later, they ran into each other while working out at the same gym in a different city. They went on their first date a week later and have been together ever since.

I often encourage couples to choose a location for their engagement session that is meaningful to their relationship. When Taryn suggested head to Guelph to shoot where they first met, I loved the idea. I met them on a beautiful sunny afternoon with their dachshund puppy (and puppysitter, Taryn's lovely mother) for a laid-back and relaxed afternoon shoot. Taryn and Andy thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I had so much fun with you guys and I can't wait to celebrate with you in Burlington next June!