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I love shooting at night, and believe it or not, I like shooting outdoors during the winter. It may come as no surprise to you that the colder seasons aren't as popular a time to have portraits taken, I believe that with a little mental hardiness and ample breaks to warm up in between outfit changes, shooting in the winter is awesome! 

First of all, everywhere you go is quiet and rather deserted. You have so many more choices for locations because the crowds that swarm pretty locations in the summer are long gone, and there aren't hordes of people clamouring to shoot anywhere outside.

Secondly, most winter days give you the gift of that soft, dreamy gray light that I so adore. And if you're hoping to do nighttime photos, which I often am, you don't have to wait long for the blue/violet/inky black hours to arrive. 

Lastly, shooting when it's cold and dark is more challenging, technically and physically and I love a challenge. Pushing myself in both regards forces me to think differently, to adjust to the difficulties the weather and lighting, and try new approaches to make it work. The times when I've been the most uncomfortable, cursing under my breath, contorted in weird positions to shoot from a certain angle, using a cell phone flashlight to help my camera focus in the pitch black, fingers stiffening up from the cold... well those are often the times that I feel most invigorated as a photographer!

Right at the onset of winter, Shanni and I ventured outside during November's supermoon to take some portraits in the chilly winter dusk and (super)moonlight. Shanni, thank you so much for braving the cold for this project. Your are a simply luminous person and I loved spending time with you and capturing a tiny glimpse of your abundant grace in photographs.