new website launch!

The day has finally arrived--my NEW WEBSITE is live!

Planning for this site began one year ago, while I sat by the fireplace with some friends at a cottage weekend in Blueberry Lake. I was talking about my hopes and dreams for the future of my business with Jenn, and describing what I was looking for in a new website. From the other side of the living room, my friend Jordan spoke up. "I could help you with that," he remarked. And so it began.

During the last year, my amazing friend Jordan Puopolo has worked painstakingly with me on this project. Not only did he create a design that is absolutely perfect for me, but he also taught himself how to do so using Showit, a program he'd never before used. He integrated many ideas from the inspiration board I sent him, advised me on content development, showed patience as I took forever to send him all my files, and created something magical.

Most importantly, he listened. The best designers (and creatives in general) are the ones who listen, and really want to understand their clients' needs in order to develop solutions. His mix of refined talent, professionalism, and a killer sense of humour make him a true joy to work with. I feel so grateful to call him one of my closest friends.

I wished for a website that was clean, bright, cheerful and easy to navigate, and Jordan delivered on this more perfectly than I could have imagined. If you looking for design help, I would recommend Jordan from the bottom of my heart.

With the launch of this site, I feel like my web presence is finally representative of me and my business. I hope you will, too!

Ready for a peek? Here are some of my favourite pages:

The home page strikes just the mood I wanted. It's important for me that visitors feel welcome, see who I am, and learn briefly what I do, and easily get in touch. I am also so pleased to feature photos from Alex Beadon Photography throughout the site.

Next up is the portfolio landing page, which allows visitors to choose what segment of my work they'd like to see.

In the about section, I've included lots of info to let visitors learn about me and my approach to photography and life. This what I love page includes some of my favourite things.

The makeup page is something I've been wanting to add for a long time. It features a slideshow of some of my classic makeup looks, and some includes never-before-published photos.

So please, go take a look for yourself!!!! And stay tuned, because I will be announcing a giveaway later this week to celebrate the launch.

new website sneak peek

In case I haven't mentioned it often enough, my new website is very close to being ready! I'm working with my friend and very talented designer Jordan Puopolo to tie up all the loose ends and get it ready to launch. I couldn't be more excited to share my updated portfolio and all the other pretty bells and whistles. For now, here's a tiny sneak peek:

Featured from left to right: Jessica + The Lincoln Apartment Bakery, Robin, Erik + Meghan, and the beautiful cake from our styled summer wedding shoot.

commercial photography | mcgill graduate and postdoctoral studies viewbook

There are few things I love more than completing a project. The bigger the project, the better the feeling once wrapped.

This is my third year working on the McGill University Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Viewbook. This is the main recruitment publication for grad students, with a huge circulation. For the past two years, I've acted as project manager, provided some photography and some text. This year, however, I was challenged to do the whole thing myself.

No marketing firms, no designers, no copywriters. No one but me. I was terrified! But I do love a challenge.

I started by sitting down with the rest of my team to talk about the goals for the look and feel. We really wanted to showcase the beauty of McGill's campus and Montreal and feature actual McGill graduate students, not models.  We wanted it to be bright, airy, and fun while still conveying the scholarship and research for which McGill is renowned.

I scouted the grad students models and booked the shoots, took most of the photos, wrote the copy, and designed the Viewbook. It's being printed now and I'm so excited to hold a hard copy in my hands.

Thank you so much to all the awesome grad students who posed for the Viewbook, and to our stylist, Marie-Leigh Touré, who dressed the models for the cover. Thanks also to Claudio Calligaris, who provided additional photos.

Here's the final product. I hope you like it!