last week in pictures | april 14-20, 2014

Last Thursday, our friends Jennie and Zach made the trip from Ottawa to visit us in Madison. We're so lucky to have them here during our last little bit of time living in the Midwest. Over the weekend we drove to Chicago to show them around. It was great to discover a few yet unexplored neighbourhoods and test out some more restaurants and bars. Some quick recommendations: Azzura EnoTavola for top notch Italian, Range for delicious new American, and Homeslice for a woodsy atmosphere and free s'mores!

I'm keeping today's post brief because our amazing guests are still here, and we're off to continue our adventures.

 Jennie discovered her favourite cocktail and I discovered green sparkling wine at Range

And just two from Instagram this week: shivering at Wrigley Field and drinking tea by the lake.

Wishing you a lovely week!

this week in pictures: february 17-23, 2014

Last week was a great one. The sun was shining almost every day, brightening my cold-weathered spirits and allowing for outdoor runs. I also received some very exciting work-related news, which I'll be sharing in the coming weeks. Lastly, we were treated to a visit from our friends Amy and Derek, who are recently engaged and in the fun stages of wedding planning.

It was the quiet moments that also stood out to me. The bittersweet final pages of a good book, the feeling of small business owner frustration and satisfaction from getting ready for tax season, and the way every Skype conversation with a loved one breathes warmth into my life. Whenever possible, I try to photograph these simple moments of everyday life. They're so often overlooked but so precious to me. Brian sometimes begrudgingly lets me photograph him in some of these moments, all the while pointedly ignoring my lens. I took these two photos of him reading the same book on the same day, in the early morning and later, before we went for dinner.

While Amy and Derek were here, we did an engagement session to commemorate this exciting moment in their lives. Here's a little peek, with more to come later this week!

After spending a day together here in Madison, we drove into Chicago on Saturday for 24 hours of sightseeing and great meals. That city has my heart, and it's been lovely to discover it piece by piece with different friends over the past year. I'm looking forward to what will hopefully be a few more visits before we leave the midwest this spring.

And of course, I continued to play around on Instagram too. Wishing you a lovely week!

chicago in november

On Thursday, Brian and I were both feeling homesick for city life. Montreal pretty much ruins you for living anywhere else, you see. It's almost the perfect city. So, as lovely as Madison is, after living in Montreal for seven years, Madison can feel pretty small. Despite its beauty and peacefulness, there are moments when I crave a bit more from a place. You know, sometimes you just want to be around more people, and noise, and things.

So we spontaneously booked a hotel on Thursday night and drove into Chicago on Friday. Luckily, it's just over two hours away, so it's easy to pull off a spur-of-the moment weekend getaway. We walked a lot, went out for food and drinks, did some shopping, and that's about it. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Some highlights: a visit to the Diptyque boutique for a hazelnut candle; stocking up on Cream of Earl Gray and White Chocolate Frost at DAVIDsTea (my favourite tea shop, which is slowly expanding into the US market); catching some great stand-up at Zanies; brunch at Avec and making new friends at their communal tables; shopping in Wicker Park and Bucktown; cocktails at Grass Fed and Bangers and Lace; hazy morning walks along the Chicago River.

The weekend ended on a rather intense note, as a dangerous storm rolled into town and we had to seek shelter during what we didn't know at the moment was actually a tornado watch. I am terrified of tornadoes, so this was particularly scary for me, and I was heartbroken to see how much damage was done across the Midwest as dozens of tornadoes touched down (many not far from Chicago) during just this one storm. Very scary stuff. The drive home was pretty frightening too, with extremely high winds and incessant rain,  but thankfully we made it home safely.

After all the excitement and weather scares, I'm now happy to be back in the quiet of Madison for a few more weeks before I'm back in Ontario for the holidays. Speaking of the holidays, I have just two spots left for my Cozy Glam Boudoir Portrait Special. Get in touch to snap up one of the last spots!

Here are a few moments from our weekend away.

And a few more from Instagram, where I do my best to document day to day life. I'm @dallascurow if you want to follow along.

spring video

It's official: I am head over heels in love with video. In fact, over the past few months, I've found myself taking nearly as many video clips as I have photos. There's something really magical about the communicative ability of moving pictures in a way that's distinctly different from still images. Not better, but very different. I'm having so much fun experimenting, and I'm learning a lot from my brothers, who are my inspirations for all things video.

I had all this footage building up from the last little while and I thought it might be fun to periodically collect my favourite clips every few months in the form of a short video. It's my way of preserving and sharing some of the best memories from each quickly passing season. So, to get started, here are some of my favourite moments from spring 2013, with footage from Madison, Chicago, Milwaukee, Toronto, and the Bruce Peninsula.

To watch in HD, view the video over on my vimeo page. The song featured is "Live Fast Die Young" by The Kicks.