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My darling sister-in-law, Carolyn, recently married her love and I was so happy to be her matron of honour. I photographed the beginning and end of her day, then switched into wedding party mode while the fabulous Hayley Rae photographed the main events.

In lieu of telling you about the details their day, I thought that seeing as it was the first wedding in my immediate family, it would be a bit more personal and fun to simply share an excerpt from my toast on their big day:

It is my great privilege to be sister-in-law of the bride, wife to the other Brian in her life, her brother. I met Carolyn 12 years ago when I first started dating her big bro. At that time, she was busy kicking ass and taking names down in Philly, playing college hockey. Since then, I've seen her grow into the stunning, considerate, hardworking and truly lovely woman you see here tonight.

In Brian, her husband, she has truly met her match. They complement each other so well. One of the traits they share is a humble, understated nature; you'll never hear them boast or even talk about themselves. For this reason, I figure it's my duty to brag about them a little bit.

They are so clean that you could eat tonight's meal off their kitchen floor and still feel super fancy. They are also incredibly organized people. The saying goes, "if you need something done, ask a busy person." I say, "if you need something done, ask Brian to Carolyn and they'll tell you they did it 10 minutes before you thought to ask." Carolyn consistently excels in her sales career and Brian excels in... Microsoft Excel. The man loves spreadsheets!

As individuals, Carolyn and Brian are exemplary humans. She is driven, loyal and energetic. He is kind, gentlemanly and has a great head of hair. Together, they've made a beautiful home with their two adorable dogs and I know this is only the beginning of their great adventure together. Cheers to the happy couple, my sister and brand new brother-in-law!

Brian and Carolyn, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on your marriage :)


Venue: Cecil Green Park House  //  Officiant: Roxanne Thornton, Marry Us  //  Photographer: Hayley Rae Photography and Dallas Curow Photography  //  Décor: BeSpoke Decor  //  Florist: Oasis Flowers //  Bride's makeup + hair: Dallas Curow  //  Bridesmaids' makeup + hair: Blo Vancouver  //  Ceremony music: Musical Occasions  // Catering: Wescadia