at home session


More than three years ago, I held a contest entitled "inspire me," of which Kristina was one of the winners. Since then, we've been planning to do the portrait session that she one through her beautiful and inspiring entry, but between my three successive long-distance moves and her demanding travel and research schedule, it took some patience and finesse to find a date that worked. But we did, at last!

Kristina and her mister, Jeremy, purchased their first home in Montreal, just a few blocks away from my former apartment in the east Plateau/de Lorimier neighbourhood. They have lovingly renovated and decorated their spectacular walk-up into a peaceful haven filled with love, cheerful colours, and great food and wine. It was there that we met so I could document them in their favourite place, home.

I met Kristina a few years ago when I was working at McGill University and she was a graduate student. She is an uncommonly gracious and caring person, also shockingly humble considering the number of prestigious awards her academic research has garnered. In her spare time, Kristina runs Veni Etiam Photography, selling her vibrant travel photographs. She admirably keeps the many areas of her life in balance, providing continual inspiration for those who know and adore her as I do.

Kristina and Jeremy, thank you for inviting me into your beautiful home and giving me a great excuse to return to my former neighbourhood and feel all nostalgic. Wishing you continued happiness within your lovely space and in all your endeavours!