new sample albums!

In preparation for The Wedding Co. Spring Event tomorrow, I ordered some brand new sample albums to have at my table. Just in case you get as excited as I do by pretty new things, I thought I'd share a glimpse inside both books. The first is a sample my new Linen-bound offering. I ordered a 10x10" slate linen cover with white debossing, white core between the pages, as well as white ribbon. All of the above can be customized to your taste. I was very honoured to use some favourite images from the outrageously beautiful wedding of Lesley & Graeme from this past summer.

Debossing on the cover

Thick pages bound by lovely linen

 I like that these albums begin with single-spreads, so you can kick of the album with a thematic image to set the tone or colour palette. This would also be a good place for an image of your wedding invitation to share the key details of your day.

A few of my favourite spreads from this album:

I also placed an order for smaller scale book to show some favourite images from my engagement portfolio. I just started offering these Premium Flat albums this spring, and am really excited to be able to offer a slightly more modest and lightweight alternative to my other albums. I envision the Premium Flat albums as a perfect option for printing your engagement session to be kept as-is or signed by friends and family as your wedding guestbook. It is also a great style of album to give to your parents

These albums are available in linen (gold linen, pictured below), leather, leatherette, or an image wrapped around the album as a front/back cover. They have vellum sheets at both ends to for extra elegance and protection, and much like the Linen-bound album above, the pages lay flat. 

Both types of books really shine when you see a double-page spread with virtually no gutter between pages.

Hope to see you at The Wedding Co. Spring Event tomorrow at the Gladstone Hotel!

fine art albums

After a fairly exhaustive search, I have finally found the perfect album company! I'm pleased to announce that A) I now have albums available for interested clients, and B) Madera Books is my chosen provider. Their handcrafted albums are exquisitely beautiful, timeless, and customizable. Out of all the companies I researched, Madera's approach to art and business is most in line with my own, and I was frankly most excited to work with them.

This is part of my larger process of rolling out printed offerings for my clients. In the past, I have operated on a very simple basis, delivering digital files only. This approach was based purely on the fact that while balancing two full-time jobs, I didn't have any remaining time to provide products, as much as I would have liked to. Now I've gained precious time that I can devote to offering some beautiful new products for my clients. I decided to start with albums, as that was the most popular request. 

The wonderful thing about an album is that it becomes an heirloom as soon as it belongs to you, and it will ensure that your memories will be beautifully displayed and preserved for generations to come.

The first sample I ordered is Madera's flagship album: the leather book (see details below) and it arrived last week! will soon be ordering samples of a few other styles of albums, such as a linen-bound, photo wrap and magazine-style options, so those will be available, too.

For now, here's a the absolutely gorgeous sample that arrived (note: the size is 10x10):

Each book arrives in a velvet-lined leather box, which will protect your keepsake throughout the years.

The leather books can be covered in a regular, premium or faux leather. My choice was premium gray leather.

You can also choose to deboss the cover and/or spine.

Each page is printed on high quality photographic paper, with a black core in between each sheet.

Each album is stamped with my logo, which is pretty exciting (for me).

The lay-flat design is so awesome.

I love the thickness of the pages.

At this point in time, I'm taking care of the album designs too. I am so glad I took that InDesign course back in Montreal. It was really fun to create spreads using some of my current favourite portfolio images. I created a different style of layout for each page to show the possibilities for people with different tastes. For example, these first two are pretty classic:

This one is more minimal:

Here's a range of a few more classic layouts:

These last three are full bleed, for people who like photos to take up a bit more of the page real estate.

Oh, and don't you just love how Madera does full spreads? With virtually no page gutter, you can choose your favourite landscape photos and really show them off. That's 20 inches wide!