professional portraits | sam

Earlier this year, I photographed my friend Sam as part of my Special Occasion project.

The theme of this shoot was professional portraits, but it was important to me to do them outside a studio for several reasons. One: I believe lifestyle type images are more modern and appropriate for many career fields than traditional headshots in front of a white backdrop. Yes, of course I happily shoot those types of portraits when a person's line of work dictates it, but if it's not necessary, then thinking outside of the studio "white box" is always a good thing. Lifestyle portraits are also more versatile and can be used across all social media platforms. Two: Sam is a person who is "curious about all the things." She is a passionate traveller, a free spirit, a brilliant writer, a rock climber, and an advocate for open internet access for all. Her career path has always been inspiring, and I wanted to create some portraits for her that showed her as the chic professional she is, but also allowed some of her fun-loving, city girl spirit to shine through. So while I wouldn't ask everyone getting professional portraits to stand in the rain, illuminated only by the flickering light of a convenience store's sign, it seemed perfect for my adventurous friend.

On a personal note, this was a very special evening for me, because in the time Sam and I were out shooting, Brian would receive not one but two amazing job offers at different universities. I returned home from the shoot to find out that after a long period of doubt and curiosity about our future and where we would live next, we now had two wonderful options. For this reason, I consider my shoot with Sam to have been a very lucky one indeed.