montreal wedding | avigail & brendan

Avigail and Brendan share a beautifully and clearly articulated love. It is written in the way they move, magnetized together, linking hands and arms, eyes always watching for each other. It is shown in the way that they speak of each other, with the fondest admiration. It is obvious to anyone who sees them side by side, even for a fleeting second. Their love can be witnessed in a flash. But perhaps the best way to tell you about their relationship is to include a few snippets they were kind enough to share with me when I asked. I always interview my wedding couples, and as I read through A & B's answers and heard a portion of their love story, I was filled with excitement to be able to document their wedding.

How would you describe yourselves as a couple? 
Short answer: loyal, supportive, communicative, loving. We're best friends. Long answer: We love to laugh, travel, sit on a terrace with a glass of wine and chat, throw impromptu dance parties with our [baby] (or by ourselves). We take long road trips to New York City or Boston and listen to music, audiobooks or just chat. We both love to be out in nature - on a hike or a canoe...not much time for this since the baby. We love to go to concerts and theatre events. We love to sing. We can have a long conversation filled with inside jokes (and the occasional interpretive dance) that leave us laughing so hard that it hurts. One of my favorite, most romantic moments was when both of us had insomnia and went for a long walk through Mile-End to get a bagel, then watched the sunrise. 

Where and when did you meet? 
Brendan: We met online, then had our first date at Fringe Festival. Avigail knows everybody in the Montreal English Theater, so I thought she was a famous rock star. We watched this piece about outer-space junk collectors, that involved people in black morph suits lifting the actors through the air in Matrix-style fighting moves. We then went to the 13th hour after-party, walked around the festival, and ended up talking about Margaret Atwood in front of her apartment at 3am. Avigail: what he said. ;)

What were your first impressions of each other? 
Brendan: I thought she was very beautiful. I loved the way she spoke, smiled told stories and was a flirtatiously active listener. I liked that she was smart and had been involved with non-profit work, making the world a better place. Avigail: very earnest and easygoing. Also that I could trust him. I knew that immediately.

Avigail and Brendan, thank you so very much for inviting me to photograph your wedding. It was a gorgeous, sunny autumn afternoon filled with music, dance, and laughter. It was wonderful to witness all the fun with my camera. I wish you two and baby C so much happiness together!

Special thanks to my second photographer, Lisa Griffiths, for her assistance. Some of her images are included alongside mine below.

The most independent of brides, Avigail drove herself (along with baby C, her sitter, and me) to the wedding!

Meanwhile, Brendan prepared at the beautiful Omni Hotel Mont-Royal.

Avigail and Brendan chose to do a first look and have a private moment together before the ceremony. This is something I always recommend, as it gives the couple a chance to steal some precious time together before they are whisked away into the day.

It was so wonderful to be able to photograph the family of three together before the ceremony too. Isn't baby C just gorgeous?


Venue: Pavillion de la Jamaique  //  Officiant: Jennifer Schaeff  //  Photography: Dallas Curow Photography, assisted by Lisa Griffiths  //  Catering: Java U  //  Cupcakes: Cocoa Locale  // Favours: homemade jam from bride's mother  //  Musicians: Louis-Vincent Hamel Trio  // Stationary: Minted