life lately, in pictures | september - mid-november

The past few months have contained equal parts travel and settling in, of movement and stillness. Since my last personal post, I have begun to create a home in Edmonton. Every box (except one — there's always one!) has been unpacked, all the furniture has been set up, and we're starting to put a few personal touches on our place. We are slowly discovering new and cozy corners of the city that will be extensions of our home. I've met a few wonderful people already, and am excited to grow a community here.

All this nesting has been taking place in short bursts, between guests visiting us, and being on the road for many days or weeks at a time. Since we moved in at the end of the summer, I've been to Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Atlanta. Every time I unpack, I mentally prepare to begin packing again. It's been wonderful travelling, and I'm looking forward to heading out again soon, but I've come to cherish these moments in Edmonton. I look forward to the first few months of the new year when we plan to just stay put for a while!

As of yesterday, I caught up with all my editing and delivered my last outstanding collection of client images. It feels amazing! I'm busy working on album designs and print orders, and beginning to plan some big projects for 2016. I still have two weddings and several portrait commissions this year, but right now I'm trying to take a little pause before the next bunch of work kicks off.

For those who have asked, yes, I'm available for portraits in the Toronto area in December. Get in touch if you are interested in booking a shoot!

Now, to backtrack a bit, here's a little bit of what I've been up to since September.

We were lucky to have our dearest friends Jennie and Zach visit us in Edmonton as part of a very important personal trip through western Canada they took. It was a treat to have them here with us.

We travelled to Drumheller to visit the Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology, and I was obsessed with the surrounding scenery.  

We drove down to Calgary to visit our friends Ian and Jen and photograph their family.

While I was back in Ontario during September, I stayed with my best gal Rozlyn for part of the trip, and we spent a sunny afternoon at a pumpkin farm with her baby and our friend (and 2014 bride!) Lesley, who is expecting her first child in the near future.

Once I was back in Edmonton, while our friend Jessica was visiting, we got our first flurry of snow of the season. I walked along the top of the river valley with my camera before it all melted away within the hour.

Last week, Brian and I spent his fall reading week down in Georgia visiting my grandparents. My parents were also there for a day on their way to Florida, so we got to all spend time together. My grandparents were absolutely amazing hosts, and we had a great time at their beautiful home. During our time down south, we visited Madison, Athens, and on our last day we took a road trip together to Dahlonega, a former gold mining town in the foothills of the Appalachians.

Wishing you a beautiful month.