exploring edmonton | pura botanicals

Exploring Edmonton is a series in which I share adventures and discoveries in my new home in Alberta's capital city. 

Pura Botanicals is an apothecary and perfumery that specializes in all-natural skincare and wellness products. Its founder Lane Edwards (pictured below) mixes potions in micro-batches and dreams up ideas right at their studio and creative headquarters in Edmonton.

Pura has an online shop, and customers are welcome to visit the 124th Street NW studio when is open to the public on Wednesdays from 10am to 4pm. For the rest of the week, the studio is the home base for all Pura's operations, including one of their coolest offerings, bespoke perfume consultations. The idea of having a personalized fragrance created is something I've always dreamed of, so I am very excited to begin this luxurious alchemical process with Pura one day in the near future.

Pura's motto is "in pure we trust," which guides both the overall vision for their business, and also their product lines, which are always all-natural.

The Pura studio is bright and gorgeous, designed and styled by Edwards herself.

Since my visit, I have tried a few of Pura's potions and am already hooked. Their Neroli Eye Ritual is now part of my evening routine, and the Petal Fudge body cream is perfect for Edmonton's dry climate. Mane Mist is an awesome natural alternative to my usual texturizing spray, and Angel Serum is probably my favourite product, as its scent alone is addictive but so are its moisturizing properties.

As you can see, the magic happens on-site, as Edwards blends concoctions right in the studio. As a fragrance lover (and behind-the-scenes junkie in general), I was pretty thrilled to see all the raw ingredients and different components that go into the various products.

I really enjoyed my time with Lane at Pura and I look forward to visiting again soon!

Pura was recently featured on CTV Edmonton News at Six for Small Business Week. You can watch the clip on the CTV site. Just click on Friday, October 23 and the segment is at the 33:00 mark.