ottawa engagement | meriem & rocco

Rocco wanted his proposal to Meriem to be a grand surprise, so he planned two separate events: the real proposal and the fake party Meriem thought she would be attending. In order to pull off planning both a romantic proposal and an elaborate ruse, Rocco enlisted the help of Julie from Chic Weddings. Together, the set the scene where he'd pop the question by beautifully decorating their shared workplace where Meriem and Rocco first met. Then, in order to give Meriem a reason to dress up, they created an imagined special event, and popped just one very official looking invitation in the mail.

On the evening of the "event," Meriem was all dressed up and ready for a night out. Through a series of staged events, Rocco explained that they would have to stop by their work on the way to the party. When they walked in, the space had been transformed from an Italian fine food shop to an impossibly dreamy table set for two. Truly surprised and overjoyed, Meriem did not hesitate to say yes.

I met these two sweethearts at Ottawa's Central Experimental Farm for their engagement session. It was a gorgeous, expansive place and we had tons of fun wandering around together in the late afternoon sunshine. Meriem and Rocco, I am so very excited for your wedding in just a few weeks! Enjoy every last moment of your engagement and I look forward to celebrating with you soon.