moving news

Dallas Curow Photography is moving to Alberta!

Hello readers! That's right, I'm packing my bags and moving west to Edmonton. In fact, as I type this my apartment is being packed up and all my belongings will be loaded onto a truck tomorrow. I thought it would be fun to answer some frequently asked questions I've received lately as a way of telling you guys more about this most recent change in my life and business.

You're moving to Edmonton... why?

We are moving because of an extraordinary opportunity for our family. It was a joint decision that my husband, Brian, and I made together.

Don't you know how cold it is there?

Uh, yeah I do. Having lived in Montreal and Wisconsin, I'd like to think that I can handle winter, but I am already shivering thinking of those -40 days.

When do you go and when will you come back?

We move into our new place mid-August and I will be back in Toronto/Montreal/Ottawa often for work and leisure.

Did you find somewhere to live there?

Yes! We took a whirlwind trip last month and found a lovely apartment in the city. I'm excited to move in and decorate it.

How are you feeling about moving again?

Given that this will be my ninth move in less than three years and I relocated many times before that too, I can totally understand why people ask this question. This move is quite different because it's the most "permanent" move we've done in a while. Brian landed his dream job and we are both very excited for him to start a new phase of his career in Edmonton, so there are no plans to pick up and go again anytime soon.

What does this mean for your business?

In many ways, I am tempted to reply to this question with one big question mark myself! But no, I do have answers. For my current clients, all of whom should be aware of my move by now, I will be travelling back east for any previously booked shoots. I will definitely be taking more bookings any time I travel, whenever possible, and will be posting my travel dates when I have availability in different cities. I will also be preparing for a relaunch of my business in Alberta, so you can expect to see a lot of fun changes and new projects in the coming months.

If you have friends in Ontario or Quebec who you know were considering booking me, please assure them I am still taking work in these provinces. I will be regularly posting my travel dates so that people can book around existing travel if they wish and avoid travel fees that way. Also, if you have any friends in Alberta or British Columbia looking for a photographer, please feel free to pass on my name.

What are looking forward to about Edmonton?

Many things, actually. Living in a much bigger apartment and dreaming of buying a home one day. Finally being able to get a dog in the next little while. Long summer days where the sun doesn't set until almost 11pm. Exploring new libraries. Finding new favourite restaurants, coffee shops and bars. Walking or biking in the river valley. Making new friends. Having the opportunity to reinvent my business. Going on road trips throughout the province. Being close to family and friends on the west coast. A new beginning in general!

What scares you?

Also, many things! Very short winter days with little sun. Winters so cold that you apparently have to plug your car in in order for it to start. Being a new fish in a new pond as a business owner (again). Missing family and friends. The usual fears and doubts and questions about any big move.


I want to thank all of you for reading and I hope you'll join me on this next adventure. I promise to share lots of new work and stories along the way.