life lately, in pictures and words | march-may, 2015

Well hello! Hope you're having a great week. I thought I'd pop in to share a little bit of what I've been up to in between shoots over the last while. The change of seasons has been fairly dramatic in Toronto this year, with wildly cold wind and rain blowing into the city on a whim. For a while, it felt like spring would never arrive. But then, like magic, the streets filled with blooms in myriad colours, and I've been out frolicking in the streets whenever I need a break from my desk.

My "wedding season" began in March this year, I've been photographing lots of expecting mamas, new parents and families great and small, which has been really fun in a different and refreshing way. There have also been a few cool editorial gigs I look forward to sharing down the road. In between these jobs, I've been working on about a dozen shoots for a secret photo/video project that will probably take me at least a few more months to complete. The scheduling and logistics have been challenging, but the work itself has been thrilling. I can't wait to share the finished project when it's ready.

On a personal level, I've been preparing for some big changes and long-anticipated adventures. Brian and I are moving again (more on that later) and have a few trips on the horizon for work and just for us. Our main trip this year, and one that we've been dreaming of since our last visit nine years ago, is to Scotland! If you have any suggestions for places to explore, please leave a comment or send me an email. I would be so appreciative.

I am looking forward to sharing more details about everything I've got in the works, but for now, here's a bit about what I've been up to from March to May this year.

Walking on the still-frozen beach.

The Event Room gals and I took a road trip to Alton Mill to visit the sumptuous studio of Cedar & Stone in preparation for a collaboration.

In April, I took a train trip to Ottawa for a weekend with some of my oldest friends. It was the best.

I headed from Ottawa to Montreal to photograph Mai-Gee and Adam's wedding, and extended my visit for a few days to pay tribute to my favourite spots in the city like Croissanterie Figaro, Mais, Le Jardin Nelson and was also introduced to a wonderful new spot, Maison Sociale, by our friend Dave.

At the beginning of May, I did my first ever wedding show! I had a little booth at The Wedding Co. Spring Event at the Gladstone Hotel. It was a lovely experience and I enjoyed meeting both brides-to-be and other creative professionals alike. My parents constructed my booth for me, which was so great! I couldn't have done it without them, truly.

On Mother's Day, my family all met up at my grandma's house so we could celebrate all the moms of our family together.

My aunt and grandma in matching neon :)

My grandma and her dogs waiting for my dad to put up her new flag.

My mom forcing me to trespass to take photos of a neighbour's magnolia tree.

Playing around in the mist by the lake.

My friend Paige's Kentucky Derby shower, complete with with horseshoe cookies!

Wandering around High Park to see the cherry blossoms with my friends Christina and Kate.

A visit with my sister-in-law, who was in town from Vancouver.

Exploring hidden corners of the University of Toronto with my best friends.

Long walks at night.
Last weekend, to finish off the last day of my favourite month, I took a rare full 24 hours off! I went for drinks at Cold Tea, dim sum at Rosewood, played shuffle board at the Dock Ellis. In the morning after a leisurely tea and some reading, we walked around our neighbourhood in the rain, and stopped in at Bake Shoppe for treats. Being away from my desk for that long was a really great feeling, let me tell you!

Wishing you a wonderful week!