work in progress | photo/video project

Hi guys! It's a dark and stormy day so I'm cuddled up indoors, working like crazy to finish up a bunch of projects before I head out on a little trip. My 2015 "busy" season has officially kicked off, so I'm, well,  busy behind the scenes. I'm living in an email vortex, finalizing plans with some lovely wedding coordinators, making travel arrangements, editing photos, asking Brian to shine my shooting shoes because I'm useless at that, and stopping only to go to the gym or to pick up a treat to keep me going.

I have a few projects happening in the background of all this, and one of them is a photo/video project I'll be working on over the next few months. I posted a casting call recently and am really happy to have some familiar faces and new models on board. I thought it might be fun to post a few peeks into this project as part of my Work in Progress series.

Here's one frame from a nighttime shoot with model Sam. I always love the cinematic feel of night images, especially during a rainstorm, so I was really appreciative of Sam's patience for standing in the cold, wet night with me.

A second shoot with my brother and his dog on a frozen beach. The images of us below were taken by his girlfriend, Ida.

And third, a still from some GoPro footage taken by my other brother, Jeremy, that shows me photographing Noelle and Michael in a park on a very blustery day. The images that follow are two of the shots I was taking at that time.

This project is only just beginning, so I'll continue to share little glimpses along the way. I'm really grateful for the help of everyone involved so far and excited to keep working away on things in my spare time and learning about the joys and challenges of photo/video fusion along the way.

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