under the winter sun

The first quarter of the year has gone by so quickly, hasn't it? I've been working away in my office, spending time with some dear friends, doing my taxes, finishing longtime projects, making preparations for wedding season to begin and dreaming of creative ventures for the year ahead. I've been trying to live as simply as possible during this time. That means that while I lived vicariously through all my friends who visited tropical locales, I stayed close to home and took my breaks here in the great white north. Here are some of my favourite snowy moments with family and friends from the past few months.

Snow party at our cottage on what had to have been the coldest day of winter.

Visiting the otherworldly frozen tundra that is Sauble Beach in February.

Wandering with Jeremy and Alex on a rare bright winter day.

Day tripping to Hamilton with my siblings and our significant others.

And spending at weekend at my parents place during the spring equinox.

I'm excited that, though it may not feel like it, spring is here. Oh, and one last thing! When I posted the photo below on the left on Instagram, Sue, the mother of Alex (my little brother's girlfriend, second from the right) saw it and was inspired to make a print of it. So the next day, from the other side of the world, she created first an aluminumn print etching (centre image) and then some silkscreen prints. How amazing is that? I love the internet.