mothers, exist in photos

As winter draws to a close, I start getting excited about some of my favourite celebrations. My birthday and wedding anniversary are in the spring, just two days apart which makes for a fun few days. I also always look forward to Mother's Day, as it gives me a chance to celebrate with my mom and mother-in-law and let them know how much I appreciate them and all they do for everyone in their lives.

As some of you may know, my mom is a photographer herself. She gave me my first camera, would take glamour shots of me and my childhood friends at my birthday parties, walked me though everything I needed to know before shooting my first wedding, and supports my dreams every day. She will be the first to admit that while she was busy taking beautiful images of our family's story all throughout my life, she spent most of her time behind the camera. The rare photos we have that she is in are extra special to me. I treasure each image that shows her as the strong and inspiring woman she is.

I'd like to encourage all mothers to step out from behind the scenes or behind the camera and be in the photos with their kids of all ages. Inspired by photographer Sue Bryce and her #ExistInPhotos campaign, I created this video with the help of my friend Alex and her daughter Whitney.

With Mother's Day approaching, I would love to photograph mothers and their children together. I'm keeping some dates open in my calendar in late April and early May, so please get in touch if you're a mom who would like to book a portrait session with her kids, or if you'd like to treat your mom to some family portraits. Let's make some memories together!