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It's time for the next edition of my The Feeling of Fragrance series, where I show you the final image that was included in my collection, then share some other options and talk about the stories behind the images. Today I'm sharing shots from my "Lavender" portrait. Here is the image from the show: 

Although it's often associated with the home and known for its relaxation and sleep-inducing properties, lavender has always seemed exotic to me. I don't think I really encountered its intoxicating fragrance until I was a teenager, but upon discovering it, I was enchanted. Lavender is gorgeous in bouquets but truly at its most photogenic in its natural habitat, the fields in which it is cultivated. When I decided to feature it as a scent in this project, I knew I wanted to shoot on a lavender farm but I had no idea where to begin looking. Thankfully, my friends at The Event Room pointed me in the right direction. Timing was tricky, as I had to plan the shoot for when either the farm's French or English lavender was at peak bloom. Once I'd pinpointed the week the owners assured me the colours would be at their most vibrant, I began looking for a model.

My brother's girlfriend, Ida, had just returned from Sweden and she and my brother were thankfully free to help me at the right time.

These images were shot in September 2014 in Hamilton, Ontario. Special thanks to Jon for taking the above behind the scenes shots, even when it meant lurking in the lavender (see below). I found a gauzy, casual dress in the perfect shade of lavender. I kept her hair loose for some images, and braided it in a simple side braid for others. In terms of makeup, I really just used some simple highlighting cream and blush, dusted her lids with a sheer lavender shadow and added a stain to her lips. Natural and so pretty.

Thanks so much to Ida and Jon for all their help with this portrait!

Here are the rest of the images:

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