2014 personal highlights

In the process of rounding up my the best of my professional work from 2014, I thought it might be cool to also share some of my favourite personal images, kind of like my last week in pictures feature, but the whole year at a glance. This is only a small sample of the many favourite moments, featuring photos that cause great memories to sing in my mind.

The year began in Madison, Wisconsin, where things were very cold and snowy indeed.

This sweet little house on the lake was where we lived from January to May. The window on the second floor was my office.

In February, I dyed my hair violet blonde

Our friends Amy and Derek flew to Madison for a visit, where I shot their engagement photos. We also went to Chicago together.

As spring approached the midwest, and the ice started to melt, I ventured outside as often as possible.

In March, we took a trip to Seattle, where I studied at creativeLIVE with Miss Aniela and did a shoot with Andria Lindquist.

One of the images from my shoot with Andria. You can see more on her blog here.

We explored the city for several days with our friend Andrew.

In April, we met up with some of our best friends in New York.

Then we were treated to a week-long visit in both Madison and Chicago with our friends Jennie and Zach.

Spring in Madison was beautiful and peaceful. I began to store up mental energy for the busy months ahead.

Of all the places in Madison I was sad to leave, the Terrace (below) was one of the top contenders. My very favourite, however, was the Victory Cafe. I miss it every day! We'd become very loyal regulars during our stay as both Brian and I loved the place so much. When the owner heard we were leaving and we stopped by on our way out of town, he treated us to a full spread of our favourite stuff and a chocolate bar for the road.

In June, we moved to Toronto and into the home of the mother of the bride of one of my beloved clients from 2013 who has also become a lovely friend. We got to take care of her home and kitty (see below) for two months!

I was really happy to be back in town and get to spend time with a lot of my favourite people in Toronto.

In the summer, I started photographing more families, which also meant I got to spend time with some of my friends' adorable kids!

Whenever possible, I spent time relaxing with family.

In July, we flew to Alberta for the wedding of our friends Ian and Jenn and took in some incredible sights along the way.

I explored the Bruce Peninsula 

I felt very grateful to be home and to be able to attend some bridal showers and bachelorettes, such as Amy's (below).

In August, we got our very first apartment in Toronto. It took us until the end of the year to finally get it set up, as we had to paint the whole place and gradually shop for new furniture, but it was and continues to be a labour of love.

Over labour day weekend, we flew out west again to attend a family wedding and got to stay with Brian's sister and her puppy!

In October, I celebrated Thanksgiving with family up at our cottage

It was also the month I launched my first gallery show, The Feeling of Fragrance, thanks to lots of help from family and friends.

When November arrived, we travelled to New York to celebrate the wedding of our friends Jenn and Pierre.

And with December came a visit to Montreal, exploring the Toronto Christmas Market with my parents, and a few really nice holiday parties.

2014 was a year with a lot of ups and downs, big adventures with friends and quiet moments just working or sitting alone and reading. I am grateful for the small and large miracles the year presented, and I'm already so excited about 2015. Wishing you a beautiful year!