the feeling of fragrance | mint

It's time for the next edition of my The Feeling of Fragrance series, where I show you the final image that was included in my collection, then share some of the other options and talk about the stories behind the images. Today I'd like to talk about the "Mint" portrait. Here is the image that is featured in the show:

Of all the scents featured in the collection, "Mint" is one of my favourites, as it has perhaps the greatest number of memories associated with it. Up around my cottage, wild mint grows alongside creeks and rivers and natural springs like this:

Throughout my life, I've had so much fun going on hikes and adventures with my family and friends in the area surrounding my cottage. One of our favourite things to do, especially as kids, was to pull on our rubber boots and walk through the creeks. In remembering these moments, I always think of the heady scent of mint. When it came time to choose a location for this portrait, I knew from the outset that I wanted to shoot in the back creek of my relatives' property, which is just down the road from my family's cottage. Working through my initial sketches last fall, I knew I wanted to have the models in the creek itself. I know my drawings are creepy—they make sense in my head and then look super weird on paper!

In terms of models, I also always knew I wanted to ask my cousins Elise and Deanna. They've kindly modelled for me countless times throughout their entire lives, and are both incredibly photogenic. Fun fact: they were also the flower girl (Deanna) and ring bearer (Elise) at my wedding. I kept their outfits as simple as possible. Elise borrowed a dress of mine while Deanna wore her own. They both grabbed their own boots from the mudroom of their cottage. I went with their existing hair and makeup to keep things as natural as possible, but added a generous amount of a coral cream blush (Le Blush Crème de Chanel in "Intonation") to their cheeks for extra brightness.

The weather forecast had been calling for rain, which I was actually happy about, as a rainy or even just overcast day would have been perfect for the lighting and colour tones I had in mind. I wanted soft pastel tones and a cloudy afternoon would have been so  ideal. It actually ended up being an incredibly bright and hot day, so I had to alter my vision quite a bit!

Instead of soft and pretty and serene, I went with bright and fun and adventurous, which was so much more appropriate than what I'd had in mind. After all, that was the original spirit of the memory of mint: youthful adventure in the fresh air. To be honest with you, I feel that this shoot in its entirety does more justice to the memory than one photo, even the one I chose in the end. I love all the images here, because they are taken precisely where some of my favourite memories were born, and they feature the people with whom the memories were made.

Elise and Deanna, thank you so much for always supporting me and for lending me your time for my crazy pursuits. Love you both so much!

After we wrapped our shoot, we headed to the shade to cool off and take a few simple portraits. I guess I got my pastel tones after all!