behind the scenes of my 2014 wedding season

As of a few hours ago, I delivered my final images to clients and models, which means I'm just about ready to go on vacation for the holidays! I thought it would be fun to begin to wrap up 2014 by sharing some of my favourite moments from this past wedding season. These photos were taken during in-between moments by me and my second shooters and assistants. Looking back through them made me feel overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness in the best possible way for everything that transpired this year. To everyone in the images, thank you.


My season began in the spring with the wedding of Alison and Jason in Kingston, ON. Their day was an intimate family affair complete with a private tea party for the couple and their little ones. I love the middle image where Alison and I are having some kind of heart-to-heart.

Later that month, I crashed the Toronto City Hall wedding of my sweet friends Courtney and Kemp. They were married on the new moon in June, and later celebrated with a wider circle of family and friends in September before moving to the US for a spell.

In July, Brian and I flew out west to document and attend the wedding of our friends Jenn and Ian. They were married at a gorgeous resort in Golden, BC, and exchanged their vows while overlooking a mountain valley. In the three images below, Brian is acting as a stand-in as I tested out various portrait locations the day before the wedding.

A quick snap of me doing Jenn's hair on the morning of her big day.

Photographing details at their reception.

Photographing groups. In the image on the right, I suggested the bride and room and wedding party close their eyes to escape the sun while I adjusted my settings.

Later in July, we photographed the stunning wedding of Lesley & Graeme at Cambium Farms.

The bride made the lovely place settings you can see in the photo below. Mine now sits on my vanity holding bobby pints. Thanks, Lesley!

More lighting tests and climbing into lofts at their reception:

In August, I was lucky to have not one but three assistants for Lisha and Baden's wedding at Cobble Beach, as several members of my family were present as guests. My dad helped me out by holding umbrellas over me while I stood in the rain to photograph groups, then came along during portraits of the bride and groom as well. My mom and brother helped me carry my bags and hold my lenses throughout the day as well.

Marvelling at Lisha's 5" heels and how she wore them all day in the rain with such grace!

Then we headed to Trenton, ON to photograph the wedding of our friend Peter's mother, Jennifer, to her sweetheart, Bryan

Caught instagramming during a break in the festivities

That one time I had to chase a very enthusiastic guest to get my camera back...

When September arrived, it was time for the wedding of my badass friend Amy and her man Derek at their Cave Springs and Inn on the Twenty Wedding. Don't let that sweet face fool you, this girl is one of the toughest ladies I know!

Then I headed to Montreal to photograph Amanda and Kory's big day. I adored these two and their multigenerational love story.

Explaining the game plan for their First Look to Kory

Posting a photo to Instagram for the couple :)

I was so thankful to have Lisa Griffiths by my side on this day. She is an incredibly kind and supportive friend in addition to being a kickass photographer. You can see her below, fluffing Amanda's dress.

The following weekend, we travelled to Ottawa to photograph Jenna and Phil's spectacular wedding at the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Testing out the pretty photo booth

When October rolled around, we returned to my teenage home in Burlington to document the epic day of Aarti and Bhavesh. I've been friends with Aarti since grade nine, so it was amazing to see her entire family throughout the festivities. Aarti and her sisters lent me (and many other guests) clothing to wear, which was awesome. After she and her sisters agreed that a pale yellow sari was not the best colour for me, we decided I would dye it to a more flattering shade. Two packages of "flamingo pink" dye later and it was good to go!

(Above) That time I was pulled into the dance circle while wearing my lens bag :)

In November, it was time for my final wedding of 2014. Jackie and Geoff are honourary family members, so I could think of no better way to finish the year!

Brian handing out bouquets to the appropriate people while I get ready to photograph family portraits.

Sometimes we get to play chauffeur on wedding days

I'll close with this final photo of me doing the Elaine dance (Seinfeld fans will hopefully get the reference) taken without my knowledge by someone in my family after I was finished with my photography duties for the night. I was really into it, by the looks of things.

Thank you so much to all the wonderful couples who invited me and my various second shooters and assistants to spend your special days with you. You all mean the world to me!