last three weeks in pictures | october 14-november 2, 2014

The last three weeks have been a heady mix of very low-key days working at home, exciting days of shooting, quiet days of setting up house, and slightly frenzied days of travel and celebration.  Two weeks ago, my brothers came to visit me so we could attend a friend's Halloween keg party. It was the first party of that sort I'd been to in years and I had an absolute blast.

A quiet brunch at Me & Mine with some of my favourite guys was just the ticket.

Last Friday, Brian and I caught a flight to New York to attend the weddings of our friends Jenn and Pierre.

We spent Friday walking endlessly around the city, then met up with some friends for a cozy dinner and an impromptu Halloween pub crawl.

While we were having drinks in the lower east side, I met another photographer who laughingly said "I love that you bring that camera out with you." The truth is that while I know it's a bit much to bring my full-frame dSLR in my purse, every time I don't I am devastated about the photos I could have taken. So along she comes, every single place I go. I've never regretted bringing it along, even if it means I have to carry a huge bag. It just does the best job of capturing things the way they look in my head.

On Saturday, we slept in and then went for brunch in Brooklyn, then spent over an hour at a fabulous fragrance shop called Twisted Lily. I was astounded by the wonderful customer service offered by Anna, the charismatic fragrance encyclopedia who helped me and Brian find perfume and cologne respectively.

Shortly thereafter, we hopped in a cab and headed to the wedding.

Being a wedding guest as a wedding photographer is a completely different experience. It's always really refreshing and fun. I would say the biggest difference is that my makeup and hair looks a lot less bedraggled as a guest since I'm not constantly squinting into my viewfinder, doing lunges, and laying on the ground! In all seriousness, it was such a treat to be there with my friends and observe the union of two beautiful souls. Congratulations, Jenn and Pierre! I hope your honeymoon is glorious.

Then back to Toronto. Wishing you a beautiful week!