last three weeks in pictures: september 22-Oct 13, 2014

The last three weeks have been pretty exciting. It's been the height of my busy season, which has meant a lot of travel and many shoots. In the moments between work, Brian and I have been continuing to set up our apartment. Part of the reason it's taking us a while is because we sold most of what we owned before we moved from Montreal, so we're slowly reacquiring furniture. We're taking our time and choosing pieces we really love from among family hand-me-downs, antique stores, contemporary shops, and auctions. Day by day it's starting look like a pretty cozy little apartment. I hope to be able to share some photos with you soon. For now, here are some images from some of my favourite memories over the past three weeks:

I recently photographed the wedding of my friends Aarti and Bhavesh. Aarti is the first friend I made in high school. We met in the school bus lineup. It was the first day of grade nine and I was the new kid at school and didn't know anyone. She and her sister, Ruby, befriended me before high school even began and made me feel so welcome. I'll never forget their kindness. Before Aarti's wedding, I was lucky to join in on the fun at her mendhi party, where family and friends gathered to have their hands painted with henna in preparation for the big day.

Aarti explaining to the mendhi artist the kind of designs she had in mind.

Some of Bhavesh's family members were skyped in to sing Aarti a song that blessed her mendhi ceremony. It was so sweet.

My family has been generously helping me move and store furniture for my new place and for the future. One night, my dad and brothers picked up a gorgeous antique couch given to me by a family friend. There's sadly not room for it at my current place, so my brother is keeping it safe for me in his storage locker until I'm ready for it. I'm definitely dreaming hard about a place that will fit all the things I've got tucked away.

At the end of September, testing the photobooth at Jenna and Phil's wedding (photos to come soon!):

In the bridal suite in my morning outfit, the day of Aarti's wedding:

Over the past weekend, Brian and I took our first real days off in a long time to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. It was glorious.

Lastly, I spent a lot of time this weekend preparing for my upcoming show. On the left, I'm prepping the prints for framing. On the right, our family's dog Leon is supervising me and my mom as we applied the framing clips and wire yesterday. Wishing you a wonderful week and if you're in Toronto, I hope to see you at the show on Thursday!