behind the scenes: toronto flower market styled shoot

It's been a while since I've shared a behind the scenes post, so I'm quite happy to show you a glimpse behind my recent shoot with the Toronto Flower Market. To see the official images, you can see my blog post, or check out the post on on inventive new ways to work flowers into your wedding. But behind every polished final image is a whole lot of planning and sweat, and the stories of how a picture came to life can be so interesting. Let me tell you a bit about our creative team's adventure on the day of our shoot.

Before the shoot, we visited the site to choose locations for the different photos. Location scouting for an editorial shoot is key, as it saves valuable time on the day itself. Thanks to the scouting and test photos, art director/stylist Jenny Boucher and I had already visualized this shot beforehand:

On the day of the shoot, I noticed a grove of trees with some pretty flowers that would make a nice backdrop for one of the gowns. From left to right: my test shot, Toronto Flower Market founder Natasa Kajganic kindly posing as a stand-in, and the final shot with our model, Alice.

We were lucky to have Holcim Waterfront Estate as our location — a dream spot to shoot. When we arrived, the entire landscape was cloaked in fog, which created a surreal effect. I was happy with that, however the weather forecast and gathering clouds seemed a bit more ominous.

Minutes before we were due to start shooting, the skies opened up and the downpour began. It was some of the heaviest rain I've seen! Luckily, we were getting ready in the comfort of the estate's event tent.

Linnea of b&m models, one of our bridesmaids, kept the mood light.

As the storm intensified, creative director Natalie Petozzi and my assistant Karly Boileau battened down the hatches. Thankfully our producers were extremely well prepared and had packed numerous umbrellas and a tarp. 

We headed out into the pouring rain to begin shooting the first looks. Thank you to Jill, Jenny and Karly who took turns shielding me and my gear.

The usually clear waters had turned a bit muddy from the heavy downpour.

The creative team prepped the floral garland before putting our models in place.

Our models stood with umbrellas until the last possible second, then stood boldly in the rain.

We all got seriously soaked. It was fun.

Garment, hair and makeup changes back in the tent in between looks.

Prepping for our petal drop:

Florist Jill of The Rose Mint and Jenny Boucher assembled and style our bride's wrist corsage.

They also beautifully decorated Cake & Loaf Bakery's cake with local blooms:

Left: Jenny and Jill putting the finishing touches on this amazing floral crown. Right: the resulting image:

Left: all the & For Love gowns, hanging safely in the carriage house. Right: Alice keeping her gown dry.

Left: Natasa prepping Alice's gown, and the final image:

Below: Natalie and our venue liaison, Marisa, helping out behind the scenes of these images:

Towards the end of our day, the clouds dissipated and the sun warmed our shivering bodies.

We were visited by several blue herons and a deer during our shoot, which made the location feel even more magical!

After we wrapped, we all gathered behind the estate for a group photo:

Thank you so much for everyone who took part in this shoot for dealing with whatever nature gave us and being so cool and composed throughout. From left to right, above: Jill, Jenny, Natasa, Natalie, Marisa, Alyson Kelly (production assistant), Karly, yours truly.