ottawa engagement | jenna & phil

A few weeks ago, I met with Jenna and Phil in their awe-inspiring home in Ottawa to take photos that would commemorate their engagement. Phil, an urban planner, designed the airy, light-filled house that climbs upward towards the clouds, and by joining him there, Jenna made it a home. I always enjoy photographing people where they live, where dreams first take root and secrets are shared where they return seeking sanctuary after retiring away from the bustle of the world outside. Home is comfort and love, and where especially intimate portraits can be made. Jenna and Phil, thank you for inviting me into your house and allowing me to photograph you there, as well as in some of your favourite spots around the city. I'm really looking forward to your wedding this fall, and seeing all your plans come together in what I know will be a beautiful way. Until then, enjoy every minute of wedding planning fun!

We explored their neighbourhood, Hintonburg, which is one of the coolest parts of Ottawa.

Our last stop was at the Somerset foot bridge in Ottawa, where lovers leave their locks. Jenna and Phil locked theirs up tight and threw its keys into the Rideau Canal.