last two weeks in pictures | july 7-21, 2014

So much has happened since my last personal update. So much! Brian and I travelled out west to attend and photograph the wedding of our friends Jenn and Ian. I have been working away on their photos and I can't wait to share their gorgeous, love-filled mountain wedding with you soon. We flew into Calgary and drove west to Golden, BC, stopping in Canmore and Banff along the way. I waded out into the turquoise water and let the river chill me. The air is just so dry and fresh out there. It makes you feel like a different person, basking in the summer heat without being weighed down by crazy humidity.

When we returned to Toronto, my little brother Jeremy stayed with us last week, along with the lovely Alex who is visiting from Australia. My other brother, Jon, joined us for a night as well. I love living close to my family!

Last weekend, I spent the weekend with a great bunch of ladies to celebrate my friend Amy's bachelorette.

I've also been shooting and editing like crazy, as my busy season has officially commenced!

In between work, travel and visits, a few big things happened. Brian accepted a new position, which is very exciting. We found an apartment here in Toronto (!!!) and signed the lease. As we drove away from the new place, we got in a car accident wherein the driver who hit us drove off (worst). We are fine, thankfully, but were definitely shaken up and pretty angry about the hit and run factor. But on a better note, we move into our new place next week, so we're in the process of packing and booking a moving truck.

I am unbelievably excited to take our furniture and other belongings out of the storage locker where they've been sitting for a year and a half. I am looking forward to choosing the perfect shade of white to freshly paint our new place, and to just getting organized and having a home base of our own for the first time in so long. Cheers to that.

Here are a few of my favourite in-between moments from the past two weeks, on Instagram.

Wishing you a lovely week!