caledon engagement | jackie & geoff

For as long as I've known Jackie, which has been her entire life, she has always had a beautiful smile. A bubbly and happy kid, an uncommonly friendly and upbeat teenager, and now as a charismatic woman, she has always sparkled in a rare way. She makes people feel welcome, special and cared for, and I swear it's that smile of hers that does most of the heavy lifting.

As honourary family members, we spent a great portion of our childhoods together, building forts, going on woodland adventures and making countless home movies. She was always up for anything and never camera shy. In fact, Jackie was one of my first ever models. As a little girl, she willingly let me dress her up and cover her in jewellery, obligingly held an umbrella as a parasol, and let me photograph her. For this and so many other reasons, it is incredibly special to me to be able to photograph Jackie at this special time in her life.

When she met Geoff, something about her blossomed in a way that was incredible to watch. Around him, she is truly herself. He is a kind and outgoing person whose sense of humour is a delight. Together, they share a love of nature and travel, and I've never seen them together when they weren't laughing and having fun. It always fills me with hope and excitement to see two people who make each other shine, and who clearly share such a bond that you know their life together will be filled with support and friendship as well as love.

I met Jackie and Geoff on her family's farm (which readers might recognize as the location of her sister Jen's wedding I shot a few years back) in Caledon for their engagement portraits. We explored the property together, stopping for photos along the way under azure skies.

Geoff and Jackie, congratulations on your engagement! I can't wait for your wedding in Toronto this November.

A quick outfit change, and a stroll by the barn :)

The photo on the right above was a re-creation of a photo my mom took of Jackie's parents many years ago.

Bonus photo: Jackie during one of our dress-up sessions :) Photo credit: Leslie Curow