last week in pictures | june 9-15, 2014

Hello from Toronto! The past week really flew by, and only this morning I realized that I didn't take a single photo on my camera that wasn't work-related during that time. I am deeply enjoying being busy catching up with clients and friends alike now that we're back in town.

Here's one photo I took of the newly renovated rooftop of the house we're staying in. Isn't it gorgeous? We feel really lucky to be caring for this home and its resident cat this summer. Living downtown and being surrounded again by the sounds of a city feels very right.

So I've been shooting and editing and planning some really cool upcoming projects. I'm grateful when it rains as I feel absolutely no guilt about ignoring the outdoors and staying inside to work and create all day long. In the moments in between work, I shared ice cream with some of my oldest friends, had a sleepover with dear friends in my hometown, welcomed my brother back from Sweden, visited two of my best friends in Ottawa, and of course watched the Game of Thrones finale. It was a great week, full of visits and the joys of reuniting with people from whom I've too long been separated.

Here are a few of the images I did remember to snap, over on Instagram.

Wishing you a lovely week!