last week in pictures | june 16-22, 2014

This week was one where I really felt the joy of proximity to family and friends. For years (years!) I've had to miss so many events. Showers, parties, Sunday dinners. Living away from my hometown, I could often only send a gift, a card, a message, or my sincere regrets for not being able to make it to the big and little moments in the lives of family and longtime friends back in Ontario. Over the past few weeks that we've been living back in Toronto, and this past week in particular, I'd like to think that I was making up for lost time.

I got to go to a bridal shower, meet adorable babies, drop in for tea, share a belated birthday celebration, wish some soon-to-be married friends well at a rooftop soirée, and talk late into the night over fried food. I was able to photograph the engagement of my honourary family members, attend the seriously impressive work events of a few different friends, snuggle a new puppy, and concert hop throughout the city during NXNE. Gosh, it's good to be back.

I also worked a lot, cozying up in my editing cave to lovingly ready hundreds of images for clients and becoming BFFs with an Adobe tech support guy in India who spent hours helping me with some technical difficulties I've been having. I've also been casting models for a few new projects, which is always a fascinating process. This summer is off to a delightfully busy start, and it's only beginning.

Here are a few moments from my friend Amy's bridal shower:

A visit with my friend Jen and her sweet baby, Ellie:

A sneak peek from Jackie & Geoff's engagement session:

And a little look at a portrait session with the very lovely Allison:

And a few more moments from Instagram. Wishing you a wonderful week!