last (three) week(s) in pictures | may 19-June 8, 2014

Well hey there! I'm a wee bit behind on my weekly updates. As you might guess from the title of today's post, it's been three weeks since I've had a chance to gather my thoughts on here. So much has happened since my last post. To begin, we moved from Madison to our new home in Toronto. But before that, we spent time visiting family and friends across southern Ontario, squeezed in a visit to Montreal, started some new projects and creative collaborations and jumped right into my photography busy season! We finally moved into the lovely place we're house-sitting last Thursday and now life is beginning to give us a chance to breathe.

Our last few days in Madison were really quite sweet. We were able to spend lots of time on the terrace, watching the sun dip down while sharing a pitcher of beer. Our friend Tiffany and her dog stayed with us on one of our last nights, as we made the ambitious drive from Lethbridge, Alberta to London, Ontario. It was great to be able to show her around and take our minds off the more stressful parts of moving for a bit.

This was one of my favourite spots in Madison. We lived right beside the Yahara river (just a few paces from where this photo was snapped) and it was gorgeous year-round. I will miss it!

We managed to jam all our possessions into our car, and after the 12 hour drive home, returned to see Ontario in full bloom!

We visited my family and spent lots of time outdoors, taking in the views.

My mom and brother and I took their dogs to the beach. When we got there, we could barely see through the mist and almost drove right into the lake. It was beautiful in an eerie, surreal way.

My brother Jeremy had a few days off work while I was home, so we spent lots of time hanging out and he was kind enough to spend a whole morning helping me location scout for a shoot.

Though I've been shooting like crazy and have a wonderful amount of photos to edit for clients right now, other than the above photos I've barely touched my camera to take personal shots because I've been busy just luxuriating in being home and having face time with people. Here are a few of the in-between moments that I've been documenting over on Instagram.

Wishing you a wonderful week, and I look forward to sharing LOTS of new work with you in the very near future!