our third anniversary

Today is our three year wedding anniversary! This past year has been a grand adventure, and I'm so grateful to have this man by my side throughout it all. I usually write a letter on our anniversary, but this year I'm doing things a little differently because I FINALLY finished editing our wedding highlights video! The footage is quite dark and this video is very lo-fi, but it captures the essence of the day and brings back so many amazing memories. On one hand I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly; on the other, I can because so much has happened in between then and now. We've grown and we've travelled and we've moved (many times) and our love has evolved in myriad ways. Much has changed but you're still the mumbling dreamboat I fell for nearly 10 years ago. Happy anniversary, Brian!
Dallas & Brian Wedding Highlights from Dallas Curow on Vimeo.

Note: you guys will know from all my other videos that I always used licensed music. This time I didn't because it was really important to me to use the songs we actually played on our day. This video is only for personal use, not commercial, and I'm just sharing it here because you are my friends and readers and I thought you might like to see it too. I have another new video coming up soon that will definitely use only licensed music, promise!