from sketch to shoot: spring 2014

I realized this week that I haven't done a From Sketch to Shoot post in a long time, so I thought it might be fun to cook up a new one for you. Today we'll take a little look behind the scenes of some of my recent work for

When I started working on two different looks for my Valentine's Day Makeup post, I started by dreaming up colour palettes. As always, I flipped through some favourite magazines, but also played around with makeup shades too, testing out different combinations while considering my model's complexion.

I knew I wanted the first look to be based on cool pink tones. Although I started with a renaissance painting-inspired rose gold look (see above), I quickly realized this would leave me with warm tones and that clash with the core of my idea. I shifted the look towards one that would incorporate cool gray tones on the eyes and a nearly Pepto Bismol-esque pastel pink lip colour. What I kept from the original renaissance concept was the highly luminous skin with lots of highlighting.

For the second look, I wanted a bright and warm one to contrast with the muted cool one. I was inspired by these two images from the December issue of Vogue which featured saturated deep orange tones juxtaposed with navy and dark brown. I knew that the bright shade would look pretty smashing on my model's porcelain skin, though I'd have to blend fastidiously to make it work. I realize the eyes on my sketch below are beyond creepy, by the way.

Here are the finished looks, and the final sketches that preceded them! Maggie of The Rock Agency was a fabulous model.

Around the same time, I had pitched a post about pairing blush and lipstick colours. Once I was sent photos of the models I'd be working with, I got to work on deciding which colours could match well. I again collected a few different images that contained tones I loved, then I visited my Pinterest board of beauty looks to see which combinations stood out the most at that moment. I settled on the blushes first, then collected a handful of different lipstick options for each. I waited to make a final call until I was working with the models in person, so I could see which variation complemented their complexions the best.

Here's a look at the final images and the colours that were used. Many thanks to Maggie and Angelika for posing for this shoot.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of From Sketch to Shoot. If you ever have any questions about a given photo and what kind of planning and inspiration might have gone into it, feel free to get in touch!