portraits of stephanie

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet and photograph Stephanie. We worked together over the course of a few hours, testing out a range of different looks. Of the many facets of Stephanie's beauty, I decided to highlight her beautiful hair and extraordinary bone structure. I have no formal training in hairstyling, so I always appreciate the opportunity to refine my cobbled-together skills during beauty shoots.

Stephanie is a master of posing, and is incredibly natural and graceful in front of the camera. Apart from giving her some simple suggestion as to how to angle herself towards our light sources, she needed little to no direction. It was a joy to watch her work. Stephanie, thank you so much for your lovely presence. Best of luck with your many jobs and creative projects, and have lots of fun running and rock climbing in between!

Photography/Makeup/Hair: Dallas Curow
Model: Stephanie Stewart/The Rock Agency

Don't you love this lip colour? It's a brand new addition to my kit: La Malicieuse by Chanel, for those interested.