last week in pictures | april 21-28, 2014

There are certain moments when I'm incredibly grateful to have this blog as a space to store memories and as a place to document moments in my life that I consider unspeakably precious. Today's post continues last week's account of our visit with two of our best friends in the world, Jennie and Zach. Jennie and I lived together for three years as students at Western, and having her in the same house last week felt just like old times. Once you've been roommates with someone, it feels so cozy and nostalgic any time you get to share a space again. It was so nice for all of us to do everyday things together: make tea, shop for groceries, pick up Brian from work and watch the sun go down over the water. Sometimes it feels isolated being so far away from many family and friends, so having visitors with whom we can share a piece of our life in Madison just lights us up.

I hope you'll forgive the length of today's post. I wanted to remember it all.

One morning we woke up and saw the lake shrouded in mist. Jennie and I bundled up and went walking with our tea.

We visited the botanical gardens to soak up some spring, strolling through and sipping coffee while Jennie chatted with the gardeners about tulips and hardiness zones.

The weather was gorgeous, so we stopped by Memorial Union Terrace, which in my opinion is the crown jewel of UW-Madison's campus.

We took Jennie and Zach to Heritage Tavern, a fairly new spot in Madison that is one of the few places in town that reminds us of Montreal. We shared the craziest order of assorted deviled eggs, including one topped with lobster and another infused with soy and garnished with pork belly.

We walked along State Street at sunset. My favourite lens (50mm 1.2) always makes for interesting shots when other people try to wrangle it (see creepy photo of me on the right with stringy zombie hair for a classic example.)

We picked up a bottle of wine and shared it by the lake, watching the bats flit around wildly as dusk fell.

We drove out to New Glarus and toured the brewery of the same name, sampling some beers out on their terrace.

We couldn't resist a touristy photo op, of course.

One day while Brian was working, I drove the three of us out to Spring Green to visit The House on the Rock, only to find it closed. We stopped into the town to try to grab a bite to eat, but founded nearly shuttered in the off-season. Seriously, all that's missing from the photo below is a tumbleweed! So, back to Madison we went.

We stopped in at the Wisconsin Historical Museum, which was really impressive given its small size. Jennie is an archivist by trade, so we had to see at least one historical thing!

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but Madison ranks among the top cities in the US for beer lovers. The Old Fashioned has a selection of over 50 local beers on tap, and many others in bottles. You can order a sampling of different kinds, and it arrives on an adorable platter in the shape of Wisconsin.

The next day, we returned to The House on the Rock, which is one of the most popular (and most bizarre) tourist attractions in the state, and were happy to find it open this time around.

Not pictured, but also enjoyed: a double date night at Grampa's Pizzeria, shopping for friendship bracelet supplies, lots of tea in our lake room, and eating homemade chili while watching Game of Thrones and Mad Men, and many professions of our (mine and Jennie's) shared love of Sherlock. And as always, a few final snaps from throughout the week from Instagram.

Since I took time off during our visit, I worked throughout the weekend while Brian was out of town and was very happy to finish up a few projects that have been on my list for ages. I'm hurrying to complete a bunch of things in our last few weeks here, so wish me luck in tying up all sorts of loose ends.

Wishing you a lovely week!