royal botanical gardens portraits | marion & marat

When Marion and Marat first met, they didn't speak the same language. Both talented musicians, they were rehearsing with the same group in Montreal. Marion, a french horn player, noticed right away that one of the oboists in the ensemble played "like an angel" and was stunned by his talent. The admiration was mutual.

At the time, Marat had only recently moved to Canada from Russia and had been working hard to learn French. When he tried to officially introduce himself to Marion, his accented French was met with a rather blank stare. Realizing she was actually anglophone, he scrambled to communicate with what little English he had mastered.

"French horn is good!" He exclaimed, nodding towards Marion's instrument.

Many musical performances and a spate of hilarious lost-in-translation moments later, Marion and Marat had crossed their communication barrier, and were steadfastly in love. They married in the spring of 2012.

I had the pleasure of meeting Marion when we both worked at McGill University together, and I was thrilled when she got in touch this past fall to let me know she and Marat were expecting their first child. We met right before Christmas, during the ice storm that hit Southern Ontario to document this beautiful moment in their life together. Miraculously, the power was still on at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario, so we stayed nice and warm despite the bitter cold.

Marion and Marat welcomed their beautiful daughter, Adelina, on February 22, 2014. Congratulations to this lovely little family. Sending you lots of love and luck in your first year as parents!