this week in pictures: february 24-march 2, 2014

Hi there! How was your week? Mine was snowy and went by so quickly, leading up to one of my favourite nights of the year, the Oscars. While last night's ceremonies weren't my favourite of all time, it did feature some highlights, including Lupita's beautiful acceptance speech, Cate Blanchett's glittering gown, Olivia Wilde's flawless makeup and of course, this fantastic photobomb. Did you catch the festivities?

On Saturday, I luxuriated in one of my favourite winter weekend ritual is sipping a decaf latte at The Victory while dreaming up new ideas and leisurely reading the latest issue of the New York Times Magazine.

Madison has a lot of great events, but this weekend we went to an extra cool one. Ritz Crafters was a craft fair featuring an impressive collection of local artisans selling their wares in an intimate setting. While initially not totally enthused to wander around looking at crafts, Brian perked up noticeably when he found the complimentary bar and enjoyed a free bloody mary while we shopped. 

I've made my peace with winter, accepting that it will likely still be kicking around for at least a few more weeks, and have decided to revel in the coziness in the meantime. During the days, I'm happy working from home and drinking litres of tea. At night, I switch it up by spending time at a neighbourhood bar or restaurant, or going to the movies. Last week we caught a screening of 20 Feet from Stardom (which took the Oscar for best documentary last night!) which I highly recommend to any music fans. This week, I'm really looking forward to seeing The Great Beauty. Have you seen any good films lately? I'd love to know what's been inspiring you.

Lastly, a few snaps from Instagram, including a shot from my weekly Skype date with my best friend Jennie. Skype is honestly such a godsend when living far away from so many loved ones.  When you throw a glass of wine into the mix, it's almost as sweet as hanging out in person.

Have a fantastic week!