amy & derek's winter engagement portraits

When Derek moved to Toronto from the east coast, he did so partly in search of the type of partner he might find there. An energetic and driven guy, he was looking for an independent woman who had a healthy sense of adventure and a career of her own. When he met Amy, he was intrigued by her feisty and straightforward personality, and her dedication to her career.

Colleagues and friends first, they enjoyed a healthy camaraderie until one day it occurred to them that they might just be perfect for each other. Seeing them together, this immediately apparent. They have an enchanting banter, a battle of wits and exchange of playful teasing. Where Amy is fiery, Derek is chilled; their differences meet beautifully in the middle.

When I first met Amy, she was laughing at me. We were both students in an elective music course at university, and that day I had accidentally asked the accompanist for a key that was several higher than intended. As I sang the piece a good octave higher than anticipated, squeaking my way through and trying to keep a straight face, I looked up to see a classmate barely concealing her laughter. She could tell I had gotten myself into an awkward situation that I was trying to pass off as intentional. She could also tell how hard I was trying to not laugh myself and fail the assignment. This girl sees right through me, I thought. By the end of that class, we were friends, and soon after that, we were bandmates.

Throughout the decade we've known each other, Amy has always been a friend from whom I can expect transparency, and with whom I can always be completely honest. When she introduced me to Derek, without a moment's hesitation I could see that he was the person for my friend. She always wears her emotions clearly on her face, and she appears positively lit from within when she looks at Derek. Likewise, he can't hide his smile when he's by her side.

Recently, they made the trip out to Madison where we wandered the city for their winter engagement session. The polar vortex was in full effect that day, and I applaud their fortitude in the face of the arctic wind. Tough cookies! Amy and Derek, I am so happy I had the chance to document this moment in your lives together. I absolutely can't wait until your wedding this September!