this week in pictures: february 3-9, 2014

Outside, winter was in fine form this past week. The view from our home and car windows looked like this:

And like this:

So I decided to breathe some warmth into my life by scheduling a respite from the bitter February cold.

I had some time alone over the weekend, so I planned a full Saturday of my favourite solo activities, including reading, sketching and drinking the parisian hot chocolate at Chocolaterian Cafe, dreaming up photoshoot concepts, browsing my favourite shops, picking up Chipotle for lunch, and cozying up for a tv marathon. I started watching Sherlock on a whim and was instantly enchanted. I breathlessly watched all three series and am heartbroken to have to wait a few more years for the next installment. If any show is worth the wait, however, it's this one.

But before any of that, my day really started with a visit to my favourite place to go in Madison during the winter, Olbrich Botanical Gardens. I arrived right when it opened and had the place nearly to myself for a blissful half hour. I also brought along my macro lens to sharpen my manual focusing skills. Here are some of the prettiest plants that caught my eye.

And as ever, I was snapping away on Instagram. It's definitely become my preferred platform (sorry Facebook!)

Wishing you a fantastic week!