mind, body, spirit | february 2014

It's time for the February edition of Mind, Body, Spirit, where I round up discoveries, decisions, and other delights that have been good to me during the past month. Grab a cup of tea because I've got a lot to share with you this time around.

MIND: You know how I'm always talking about my favourite startup, creativeLIVE? Well it's co-creator, Chase Jarvis was recently interviewed by Forbes Magazine and had a lot of interesting thoughts to share, including how personal work is his secret weapon for success, and that time he hosted an intimate dinner party where a then unknown Macklemore performed acapella by candlelight.

My friend Alex Beadon shared a video on time management that's actually fun and introduced me to Toggl, a web and desktop app that helps you time and track your activities. It's a fantastic tool for any small business owner or anyone looking to stay on task and figure out how you're actually using your time. I tracked my workdays all of last week found the summary pretty illuminating.

I'm a big, big fan of Darling Magazine, so when they teamed up with Soul Pancake for a series of videos, I was excited to see what the collaboration would yield. This video on Power and Purpose was well-produced, and had some interesting food for thought. Although I certainly don't agree with all the opinions raised in the video, I believe it's an important ongoing dialogue about women and our careers.

Speaking of videos, K Woman, a fashion film directed by Hunter & Gatti and shot by Daniel Aranyo is just dripping with technicolour visuals. It's a treat for the senses, and features the colour palette of my dreams.

I really loved what photographer John Schell had to say about the art of improvisation and the importance of looking back at your work as an artist.

BODY: Toronto-based blogger Alyssa Garrison has created a lovely visual world within her blog, Random Acts of Pastel. Her recipe for Earl Grey Toasted Marshmallow Tea Lattes knocked it out of the park and converted me into a regular reader. I don't think I've heard of a more delicious sounding hot beverage.

This simple video narrated by food journalist Michael Pollan (shared by blogger Joanna Goddard) talks about the trick to a healthy diet. Hint: cook it yourself.

These hair tips from stylist Anh Co Tran are refreshingly clear and instantly applicable.

SPIRIT: Do you read A Beautiful Mess? It's a lifestyle blog run by sisters Elsie and Emma, and it's jam-packed full of inspiring content. Last week, Emma wrote a personal post about her changing dreams that felt hauntingly familiar and actually made me tear up a bit. Read it and know that even if you feel like you're straying from your path, it probably means there's a better one waiting to be paved.

The weather forecast for those of us in northern North America is fairly bleak, and I know I'm not the only one who occasionally feels the winter blues. My friend Lisa shared this short and sweet post on how she's finding sweetness in the colder times.

If you haven't watched Sherlock yet, you gotta. The performances are wonderful, and it's an aesthetically thrilling show. The lighting, the costume design, the set dressing, and the tilt-shift title sequence and establishing shots — it will all capture your imagination. And for those of you who, like me, think Benedict Cumberbatch is just about the best (and—let's be real—dreamiest) actor out there, here's a hilarious treat for you.

Thanks for sticking with me during this ridiculously long post. until next month!