i'm going to creativeLIVE!!!

Okay, time for the most exciting news I've had to share in a while, guys. In a few weeks, I'll be going Seattle to attend a workshop at creativeLIVE!!!

It's a staggering honour to have the opportunity to study with Miss Aniela at her Imaginative Fashion Photography workshop. The workshop will be broadcast live from March 20-22. You can stream it live for free from 9am-4pm PST, and it's also available for purchase. As I've mentioned countless times, creativeLIVE has influenced me enormously since its launch in 2010 and I can't recommend it enough to everyone I know.

I believe that being a successful creative involves being aware of your shortcomings, and recognizing the areas in which you can improve. Although I'm quite confident in my technical skills and my ability to create good quality work, there is always room for growth.

I'm very happy with the work I create for my clients, as I pour my heart and soul into every shoot. But when it comes to my own personal products, that's where I've been struggling to really stretch my abilities and realize my vision. As I prepare for my first gallery show of creative photography in late 2014, I want to do everything I can to push my work to the next level. I aspire to take the ideas that form in my head for creative, conceptual shoots and translate them into surreal finished images. I also dream of infusing those newfound skills into my wedding and editorial work.

Miss Aniela is a master of conceptualizing ideas and creating stunning, dreamlike images, and I can barely believe I'll have the chance to meet her and learn directly from her. Honestly, just look at her flickr account to see some examples of her spectacular work.

In case you feel like a giggle, here's my (slightly shaky) audition video, where I lay all my cards on the table and speak with a lisp I never knew I possessed. Don't miss out on the chance to watch this wonderful free workshop while it airs. See you on the internet!