toronto engagement | amy & nick

Amy and Nick have the kind of international love story that makes you melt. Canadian girl moves to Australia looking for adventure and new opportunities. One day she is out with a group, with intentions of being set up with one person, but ends up meeting another and talking to him for hours and feeling a spark ignite. A few years later, they're living together and he's making her a nice dinner to thank her for all her love and support while he's been going through an extra busy spell. She's touched by the gesture, but then looks around and notices it's more than dinner. There are flowers and there's a ring, and a great big smile on the face of the man she talked to for hours that first night. There are words and then there's an expectant silence, but then there's the moment where she's too stunned and too happy to say anything at all. But she does, at long last, and with a slip of sparkle on her finger, it's decided.

I first met Amy when we went to Western University and participated in lots of activities together. She has always been one of the most fun-loving people I know, with the warmest smile and the most killer dance moves. To this day, she can still do a backflip at a moment's notice, and has become famous among her students in Brisbane for doing just that. Nick is an incredible gentleman with impeccable style and a great sense of humour who, it's quite clear, will take wonderful care of his bride-to-be. 

They recently travelled across the world back to Canada to visit Amy's family and friends. During their time here, they contacted me to do some Toronto engagement photos to bring a little bit of snowy, Canadian winter back to Australia with them. We met up at The Sheraton Hotel and explored the surrounding area. It was a classic Toronto winter day: gray, slushy, icy and foggy, and a setting that let their love shine even more brightly in contrast to the gloom.

Amy and Nick, what a pleasure it was to photograph you guys. Nick, your enthusiasm for winter was contagious, and you helped me see the city in a new light. Amy, you are luminous and awesome as always and it was fantastic to spend time with you. I wish you guys all the best of luck in your wedding planning, and I hope to get to Australia to see the beautiful life you're built there together.