november (and thanksgiving) in madison

Winter has arrived in Madison, and I can't say I mind. Watching the snow fall and bracing myself against the bone chilling winds only makes me feel more excited for the holidays, and of course for coming home.

To be totally honest though, November is a much more enjoyable month in the US than in Canada. The presence of Thanksgiving at the end of the month keeps the celebratory vibe going between Halloween and Christmas, and all the stores keep their pumpkins and festive décor in full effect. As a Canadian living stateside, I've noticed how contagious the excitement for Thanksgiving can be, and how it brings positivity to an otherwise pretty bleak month (sorry, November babies, but it's the grayest month!)

We've been invited to celebrate Thanksgiving this week with some friends here in Madison and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be baking up my favourite dessert, apple crisp, for the feast and I'm psyched to sample all the other dishes people are bringing.

Of course, one of the craziest aspects of American Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Although my parents will be braving the stores on their vacation in Florida, I prefer to do my shopping online on this day. 

Speaking of which, my friends over at Totally Rad are hosting a really awesome Black Friday sale. If you use Lightroom, Photoshop or Instagram, you might want to check out what they offer. I recently posted about their Replichrome presets collection, which is one of my favourite products of 2013.

In other news, my Cozy Glam Boudoir special is sold out! I can't wait to photograph the lovely group of women who signed up. To those who have asked, I may be offering a Valentine's Day special (also in Toronto) in early January, so stay tuned. Also, I'm tentatively planning a similar special in Montreal this spring. Feel free to get in touch if you're interested in more info.

To be clear, Totally Rad does not sponsor me or pay me to mention them on my blog. I just really love their products and approach to business and have taken advantage of their promotions in the past!