behind the scenes of my 2013 season

2013 has been a standout year. Truly, in the sense that it stands out so much from the rest of my life so far. It was full of more unknown that I've ever known, more risk and more reward. But more on that later. For now, I thought it might be fun to share some memories and behind the scenes moments from my 2013 season, which is slowing slightly as the year winds down.

My season really started with the wedding of Johanna and Mason at the Vielle Brasserie de Lachine in Montreal. It was a gorgeous start to the year.

Being a photographer involves all sorts of activities that you might not expect. There is a lot of directing groups of people... 
(Photos above and next one below by Lisa Griffiths)

And it's surprising how often I find myself taking cell phone pictures for said groups. As long as there's time, though,  I never mind!

And of course I'm always happy to fix hairstyles should disaster strike:

Speaking of hair, some summer weddings are really, really hot, and my hair ends up looking like this (below) while Brian's somehow stays perfectly coiffed. His hair defies the laws of science.

Then throw me in the middle of a hot dance floor and I turn into a real mess! It's so worth it to get close-ups of peoples' sweet moves.

But these outtakes are a great keepsakes, as they remind me of all the random places I'll lurk to get a good shot, and they also bring back great memories of working with brides and grooms and their families.

I'd like to give a special shoutout to my second shooters. My friend Lisa Griffiths photographed Johanna + Mason's Montreal wedding alongside me and was the loveliest company.

My mom helped me photograph Nicki and Adam's Toronto wedding and it was an honour to work with her.

And of course, Brian helped me photograph six weddings this year.

My favourite memory of this season actually happened on the way to photograph our friends Trevor and Sophia's Vancouver wedding, Despite our best efforts, we could not for the life of us hail a cab. On one of Vancouver's busiest streets, there was not a cab to be seen. 

But as luck would have it, a giant colourful bus pulled up next to us, opened its doors and its driver yelled, "did somebody order a party bus?" 

We explained that we hadn't in fact ordered a party bus, but the driver asked us where we were going, and if we'd like a ride. That was how we found ourselves on a festive party bus filled with Australian senior citizen tourists listening to the Beach Boys on our way to Chinatown.

The driver dropped us off right by the ceremony venue, but not before adding, "Good things happen when you're dressed up!"

On the party bus, and laughing about it again later on!

I always end up with a random selection of outtakes after each wedding, and most of them include lighting test shots complete with awkward facial expressions.

Too dark/bright and too many hotspots. An exposure nightmare.

We'll make this work!

The flash just wasn't quite right.

Just right (p.s. makeup here was by my friend Jennifer Johnson)

Flash test fail and terrifying facial expression!

As of this summer, I started taking behind the scenes photos on Instagram as well. Be sure to follow along (I'm @dallascurow) to see more!

Lastly, I'd like to thank all my clients so far this year for the opportunity to photograph you and be there for the most beautiful moments of your big days. This was one of the best years of my life, and that is in large part thanks to you!