The most wonderful part of doing the makeup for my photography clients and models is that it gives me a chance to talk to them and get to know what they're all about. My talk with Lorelei was incredibly moving, as we learned so much about each other and by the time I picked up my camera I felt like I really understood who she was as a person. This helps enormously in terms of photographing someone in a way that is true and honest, and also in showing them more of their own beauty than they even knew they possessed.

Lorelei is a woman who carries herself with grace. She has a warmth and kindness that just radiates. I'm sure you will see what I mean shortly. Lorelei, thank you for stepping in front of my camera and showing me who you are. What an honour it was to get to know you. Best of luck on your new adventure!

Near the end of our session, Lorelei changed into her gi. She told me that when she wears it, she feels strong and powerful. She is indeed both of those, and lovely too. Our time together was inspiring.